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relating, wedding, allying, connecting, splicing, marrying, merging, coupling, annexing, clinging, juxtaposing, bonding, consolidating, adhering, abutting, affixing, affiliating, amalgamating, joining. assigning, referring, casting, branding, placing, blaming, connecting, crediting, imputing, citing, setting, ascribing, attributing, acknowledging, applying, accrediting, marking. splicing, wedding, binding, fastening, sticking, merging, relating, joining, clinging, coupling, marrying, connecting, hitching, adhering, abutting, annexing, affixing, bonding, juxtaposing. accompanying, escorting, garnishing, adding, accessorizing, chaperoning, affixing, supplementing, adorning, attending, seconding.


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Spell check of depress

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Correct spelling:
To press down; lower; cast down.
depress (verb)
debase, decrease, lower, sink, attenuate.
lower (verb)
shorten, plunge, deepen, submerge, drop, lower.
dissuade (verb)
intimidate, prevent, daunt, ban, disincline, dishearten, inhibit, bar, dampen, deter, check, deflect, divert, admonish, chill, avert, restrain, dissuade, discourage, derail.
de-motivate (verb)
paralyze, dissuade, discourage, frustrate, daunt, impede, de-motivate, dampen, stifle, curb, throttle, dishearten, hinder, hamper, disincline, deter.
Other synonyms:
lower, dismay, cast down, press down, get down, demoralize, deject, demoralise, dispirit.
Examples of usage:
  1. Why did it now depress her? - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. I told her she would find the nice things of London without the horrid streets that depress one so." - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  3. It may fairly indeed be said, that to restore the freedom of the corn trade, while protecting duties on various other commodities are allowed to remain, is not really to restore things to their natural level, but to depress the cultivation of the land below other kinds of industry. - "Observations on the Effects of the Corn Laws, and of a Rise or Fall in the Price of Corn on the Agriculture and General Wealth of the Country", Thomas Malthus.

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