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Spell check of deals

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Correct spelling:
sells (verb)
markets, vends, auctions, sells.
allots (verb)
sets, allows, allots, gives, budgets, shares, earmarks, parcels, portions, splits, segments, apportions, rations, divides, assigns, partitions, allocates, distributes, dispenses, slices, measures, cuts.
agreements (noun)
settlements, accords, accessions, concurrences, assents, stipulations, concords, contracts, pacts, understandings, promises, agreements, pledges, concordances, arrangements, covenants, acceptances, compacts, capitulations, treaties, consents, bonds.
barters (verb)
traffics, interchanges, bargains, transfers, trades, haggles, barters, exchanges, swaps.
offers (noun)
presents, submissions, citations, grants, quotations, offers, overtures, invitations, donations, gifts, offerings, endowments, investitures, approaches, advances, bids, attempts, concessions, issues.
offers (verb)
renders, tenders, bids, grants, submits, presents, quotes, invites, endows, gives, offers, extends, imparts, approaches, advances, bestows, attempts, cites, issues.
Examples of usage:
  1. A crazy man comes along and makes deals which corporation in the world would stand for. no - "The Son of his Father", Ridgwell Cullum.
  2. Deals with the practical problems of motor operation. - "Taxidermy", Leon Luther Pray.
  3. This deals, as its title indicates, with ceremonial, and contains an infinite number of rules for the guidance of personal conduct under a variety of conditions and circumstances. - "China and the Chinese", Herbert Allen Giles.

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