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Spell check of deadly

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Correct spelling:
Fatal; implacable.
destructive (adjective)
disastrous, catastrophic, deleterious, injurious, destructive, devastating, detrimental, harmful, damaging, calamitous.
unhealthy (adjective)
infected, unsanitary, pathological, noxious, unhygienic, malignant, poisonous, septic, toxic, pestilent, unwholesome, gangrenous, insalubrious, contaminated, diseased, contagious, unhealthy.
extremely (adverb)
overwhelmingly, enormously, extraordinarily, unusually, extremely, outstandingly, incredibly, supremely, exceedingly, distinctly.
Other synonyms:
perilous, unqualified, toxic, pestiferous, diabolically, insanely, lifelessly, bodacious, Midland, pestilent, blooming, valuable, devilish, healthful, humdrum, dull, deucedly, virulent, cadaverous, noxious, sulfurous, mortal, sulphurous, unconditional, unmitigated, straight-out, dreary, dead, frantically, crashing, cotton-picking, mischievous, live, ruinous, harmful, homicidal, bitter, boring, lethal, tiresome, spectral, stark, killer, stone, categorical, risky, help, vitriolic, in-depth, unpardonable, all-out, unsafe, very, hurtful, thorough, pernicious, inevitable, deathly, profound, foul, unexciting, ghostly, outright, utter, evil, dangerous, damned, operative, flat-out, flat, deathlike, effective, vital, perfect, tedious, out-and-out, sheer, murderous, ghastly, damn, plaguey, clean, cannibalistic, fiendishly, blistering, acerb, madly, devilishly, bad, acid, blank, uninteresting, simple, crazily, unhealthful, plumb, consummate, good, uninspired, regular, caustic, vicious, violent, terminal, pestilential, insidious, mind-numbing, functional, definite, arrant, bloodthirsty, high-powered, pure, worthwhile, baneful, sound, hazardous, acerbic, complete, noisome, resounding, perverting, acrid, trivial, unalloyed, bloody, subtle, efficient, downright, suicidal, practical, dreadful, killing, fell, unadulterated, venomous, thoroughgoing, fatal, dead, useful, mortuary, rank, baleful, fair, ghostlike, helpful, dementedly, total.
Examples of usage:
  1. France and England, and that meant their colonies, too, would soon be locked fast in deadly combat, and the who were the third power, must look with all their eyes and think with all their strength. Hodenosaunee, - "The Hunters of the Hills", Joseph Altsheler.
  2. The trouble with the set is that it's deadly slow. Bishop's - "In the Bishop's Carriage", Miriam Michelson.
  3. He was deadly white. - "The Portion of Labor", Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.

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