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Spell check of dead

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Correct spelling:
Time of greatest silence.
Without life; dull; still.
complete (verb)
final, unconditional, absolute, total.
non-resonant (adjective)
non-resonant, flat, damped, muffled, deadened, silenced, dull, mute.
dead (adjective)
deceased, parted, passed, departed, annihilated, fatal, extinct, unresponsive, expired, fallen, perished.
senseless (adjective)
comatose, anesthetized, unfeeling, dull, insensitive, aloof, blacked out, soporific, narcotic, swooning, oblivious, unconscious, senseless, unperceptive, callous, faint, trance-like, numb, insensible, stupid, insentient.
numb (verb)
motionless (adjective)
idle, calm, unmoving, immobile, languid, becalmed, dormant, standing, quiet, stationary, sleeping, tranquil, stagnant, vegetative, fixed, inactive, still, resting, inert, static, motionless.
non-living (adjective)
inanimate, inorganic, lifeless, non-living, deceased.
Other synonyms:
uninteresting, unadulterated, tapped out, latent, bodacious, big, fagged, washed up, wearied, absolutely, good, alive, spin, body, mind-numbing, all-out, loose, washed-out, reliable, done in, jobless, beaten, unequivocal, dreary, trivial, deathlike, executed, the departed, utterly, bypast, live, low, assassinated, free, nonconscious, former, accurate, adenoidal, crashing, disyllabic, bloodless, deathly, immensely, pressed, worse, murdered, creole, vanished, damned, sleepy, new, void, limited, fully, pure, jaded, grating, lost, out of work, purely, ended, slow, unreserved, analog, all of a sudden, doomed, thoroughgoing, figurative, pooped, abruptly, worn-down, specific, done, nonliving, played out, tired, spent, uninspired, totally, wild, sunk, stone-dead, all in, mortal, numbing, deadly, perfectly, cold, cordless, hardscrabble, stark, poor, go to sleep, playable, sun-baked, knackered, unlimited, sick, utter, obsolete, categorical, exhausted, the deceased, deadlocked, arid, mortuary, drained, flat-out, exanimate, nonfunctional, demised, very, simple, unprofitable, dry, nonviable, brittle, worn, unwarranted, complete, unqualified, numbed, parched, clean, groundless, impoverished, suddenly, consummate, embroiled, disembodied, clever, faulty, bleary, wearied, kaput, completely, deeply, tired, automatic, stiff, light, tuckered, infertile, uncharged, stone, treeless, fair, noncurrent, defective, Midland, precise, cotton-picking, sound, humdrum, out, prostrate, empty, positive, fragile, done, fallow, purposeless, out of play, desolate, analgesia, unmitigated, figuratively, agglutinative, stillborn, oppressed, breathless, at peace, exsanguinous, unreverberant, outright, stark, automatically, clear, unanimated, baseless, ineffective, in-depth, spent, barren, off, comfortable, dreadful, asleep, health, thoroughly, the dead, extinguished, breathy, unbounded, abandoned, unawares, failing, brain dead, exsanguine, savorless, unfertile, nonresonant, useless, frail, unwell, insensate, cognate, worthless, unerring, broken, painless, wasted, stuck, definite, croaky, plain, aweary, fatigued, really, limp, pathetic, inefficient, tired out, bygone, unfounded, beat, beleaguered, unused, bare, unhealthy, on the spur of the moment, futile, total, logy, idiomatic, worse off, unalloyed, nonextant, fruity, resounding, regular, unfit, out of your depth, blooming, done, sheer, profound, malfunctioning, at rest, correct, indeed, bouncy, unproductive, tasteless, defunct, straight-out, rebound, perfect, ruined, auxiliary, worn-out, unexciting, gone, burned-out, a lot, corpse, deserted, short, done for, animate, cadaver, tedious, waste, unrelieved, hollow, torpid, slain, d.o.a., well, out-and-out, cut off, finished, rank, exact, plumb, built, arrant, up against something, wiped out, curtly, dusty, greatly, clockwork, inelastic, shortly, quenched, infectious, uncrowded, late, strict, unsavory, absolute, thorough, cadaverous, in deep trouble, body count, entirely, derelict, blank, underarm, long, inoperative, weariful, mummy, backspin, downright, particularly, bushed, boring, benumbed, rundown, damn, topspin, classical, appealing, pulseless, of a sudden, awareness, pointless, bony, weary, ill, right, remains, vacant, flavorless, deadly.
Examples of usage:
  1. They were as good as dead, as you say. - "From the Housetops", George Barr McCutcheon.
  2. Is her mind dead? - "The Book of Gud", Dan Spain Harold Hersey.
  3. It's the dead come to life. - "Ronicky Doone", Max Brand.

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