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Spell check of daunt

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Correct spelling:
To frighten; discourage.
compel (verb)
spark, push, coerce, dragoon, urge, dictate, drive, foment, goad, galvanize, nag, bulldoze, intimidate, oblige, cause, stimulate, pressure, stress, impel, propel, bully, browbeat, motivate, incite, hijack, press, mandate, compel.
de-motivate (verb)
paralyze, dissuade, discourage, frustrate, de-motivate, impede, depress, dampen, stifle, curb, throttle, dishearten, hinder, hamper, disincline, deter.
deject (verb)
dismay, dishearten, deject, dampen, dissuade, deter, disincline.
dismay (noun)
appall, horrify, study at dismay.
dissuade (verb)
intimidate, prevent, deflect, ban, disincline, dishearten, inhibit, bar, dampen, deter, check, depress, divert, admonish, chill, avert, restrain, dissuade, discourage, derail.
Other synonyms:
bother, discompose, scare away, dispirit, flash, dash, dart, confuse, smash, shake, frighten away, scare, embarrass, jade, bewilder, tire, fatigue, die, humiliate, chagrin, scud, consternate, worry, dull, abash, frighten off, weary, demoralize, distress, scoot, overawe, frighten, unnerve, tear apart, shame, disturb, scare off, fear, pall, confound, shock, mortify, disconcert, humble, horrify, appall, unsettle, fright, unman, crash, become flat, shoot, affright, weigh on, concern, alarm, cloy.
Examples of usage:
  1. They had been in the same emergency before, so it did not daunt their enthusiasm. - "For the Sake of the School", Angela Brazil.
  2. Nothing could daunt his noble soul. - "Sketches of the Covenanters", J. C. McFeeters.
  3. But nothing appears to daunt Labat. - "Two Years in the French West Indies", Lafcadio Hearn.

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