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Spell check of dampen

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Correct spelling:
To damp.
de-motivate (verb)
paralyze, dissuade, discourage, frustrate, de-motivate, impede, depress, daunt, stifle, curb, throttle, dishearten, hinder, hamper, disincline, deter.
moisten (verb)
water, splatter, humidify, spray, moisten, wet, splash, sprinkle.
dissuade (verb)
intimidate, prevent, deflect, ban, disincline, dishearten, inhibit, bar, daunt, deter, check, depress, divert, admonish, chill, avert, restrain, dissuade, discourage, derail.
deject (verb)
dismay, dishearten, deject, daunt, dissuade, deter, disincline.
Other synonyms:
damp, stifle, tone down, dull, break, soften, muffle, weaken, moisten, mute, wash.
Examples of usage:
  1. I do not want to dampen your hopes, heaven knows, but I very much fear that that will be an impossible task, even for one of unquestioned renown. Mr. Blaine's - "The Crevice", William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander.
  2. Whatever aggressive disposition they might have which the condition of the roads would not dampen would be quelled by the knowledge that army of Texans, and Indians lay at Cross Hollow, within easy supporting distance of him. McCulloch's Louisianians, Arkansans - "The Struggle for Missouri", John McElroy.
  3. He said nothing, however, to dampen the ardor of his partner. - "The Young Musician or, Fighting His Way", Horatio Alger.

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