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Spell check of cyberspace

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
blogosphere, mesh, profit, net profit, lucre, Bluetooth, network, access number, address, Boolean, blind certificate, meshing, anonymous FTP, net, meshwork, account name, internet, profits, earnings, bookmark, ABEND, net income.
Examples of usage:
  1. He had made the acquaintance in cyberspace of Claude a knowledgeable gold bug from Quebec who issued a constant stream of communications about the latest mining developments. Ogier, - "Joe Burke's Last Stand", John Moncure Wetterau.
  2. The black street fighter from inner- city Brooklyn and the white intellectual from a leafy outer Melbourne suburb bridged the gap in the anonymity of cyberspace. - "Underground", Suelette Dreyfus.
  3. The admin stopped dead in his tracks, momentarily giving up his frantic search for the hacker to contemplate this first contact with cyberspace intelligence. - "Underground", Suelette Dreyfus.

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