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Spell check of curly

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Correct spelling:
rolled (verb)
winding, rolled, crinkly, convoluted, wound, looped, undulating.
Other synonyms:
closed, concave, permed, curling, bent, asymmetrical, clean, frizzly, nappy, aerodynamic, frizzy, ringleted, chunky, crisp, kinky, curled, concentric, bulbous, angular, wavy.
Examples of usage:
  1. His hair was light and curly, and a fair moustache graced the upper lip; not overhanging it, but trained into long soft points right and left. - "A Letter of Credit", Susan Warner.
  2. I mean curly hair and pink cheeks. - "Miss Billy", Eleanor H. Porter.
  3. Which ones do you want, Curly? - "Down the Mother Lode", Vivia Hemphill.

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