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Spell check of crystal

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Correct spelling:
Matter which has naturally assumed a geometrical from; pure quartz; fine glass.
Of, or like, crystal.
mineral (noun)
mineral, kaolinite, carbon, hornblende, feldspar, lime, iolite, pyrite, selenite, molybdenite, vermiculite, manganese, glauconite, asbestos, pitchblende, ozocerite, spar, azurite, quartz, graphite, obsidian, peat, pumice, chalcedony, silica, chlorite, fluorite, magnesite, lignite, mica, gypsum, sulfur, boron, alabaster, aragonite, corundum, cryolite, orthoclase, coal, salt, fool's gold, fluorspar, clay, silicate, rhodonite, bauxite, cobalt, lazurite, calcite, garnet, brimstone, quicklime, brookite, diatomite, talcum, chromite, emery, pyroxene, coke, barite.
Other synonyms:
face, watch crystal, crystallisation, frosted glass, crystallizing, flint, transparent, lucent, minute hand, crystallization, pellucid, felspar, basalt, fob, hour hand, carbuncle, glass, movement, residue, cut glass, agate, igneous, dioxin, limpid, hematite, liquid, rust, quartz glass, glass fiber, glassware, haematite, baguette, distillate, crystalline, Pyrex, filtrate, frosting, dial, precipitate, scale, vitreous silica, chalk, LCD, watch glass, crystal clear, hand, see-through, LED, frosted, lucid, quartz, lechatelierite, amethyst, diamond, clear, aquamarine, emerald, beryl.
Examples of usage:
  1. He stooped down and put his lips to his side of the crystal vase, and they kissed each other through it. - "Yellow-Cap and Other Fairy-Stories For Children", Julian Hawthorne.
  2. And then, having secured the crystal, hurry back here and the rest will be easy." - "The Mysterious Shin Shira", George Edward Farrow.
  3. My lady sends me to prepare that shining house I vowed her, of crystal, and of rose shot through with morning. - "The Romance Of Tristan And Iseult", M. Joseph Bédier.

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