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Spell check of crossfire

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
exchange, drive-by, quarrel, confrontation, conflict, fight, fire, fire fight, disagreement, cover, fusillade, a war of words, controversy, argument, friendly fire, misunderstanding, dispute, discharge.
Examples of usage:
  1. Presently the Gutter Pup and Lovely Mead came tumbling in, and then the lumbering proportions of P. King of the Kennedy, crowded through the doorway, and the conversation continued in rapid crossfire. Lentz, - "The Varmint", Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger.
  2. A Dutch frigate of 74 guns attempted to force the entrance, but after being under the crossfire of the forts for two hours, was forced to tack about and regain the open sea. - "The Cornish Riviera", Sidney Heath.
  3. He could not have told just when they were caught in a murderous crossfire which poured canister at their undefended flanks. - "Ride Proud, Rebel!", Andre Alice Norton.

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