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Spell check of crisp

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Correct spelling:
Curled; wrinkled; brittle.
To curl or make wavy.
severe (adjective)
stark, austere, cutting, exacting, imperial, acrimonious, raw, acerbic, frosty, meticulous, disciplined, piquant, dry, unbending, curt, dour, intense, ascetic, abrupt, cool, intolerant, blunt, prudish, rigid, acute, fundamental, grim, relentless, short, stiff-necked, brisk, obdurate, oppressive, precise, Draconian, chilly, stern, harsh, lean, hidebound, severe, inflexible, authoritarian, sharp, uncompromising, correct, keen, Spartan, critical, obstinate, caustic, gruff, brusque, spare, rigorous, bleak, puritanical, demanding, strait-laced, icy, strict, stringent, tart, basic, astringent, censorious.
brittle (adjective)
frail, fracturable, brittle, breakable, frangible, delicate, fragile.
intelligible (adjective)
self-explanatory, plain, legible, coherent, lucid, perspicuous, consistent, decipherable, comprehensible, direct, clear, straightforward, intelligible, understandable.
Other synonyms:
mash, rakish, snappish, fries, wintry, trim, curly, bit, chipping, zippy, fleck, whipping, ruckle, buffalo chip, brushed, alert, bandbox, frizzy, bracing, scrunch up, swift, terse, picked up, monosyllabic, compendious, stimulating, trig, cow dung, latke, silicon chip, pungent, potato chip, check, offbeat, diaphanous, incisive, concise, dapper, crunchy, rake, rattling, perverted, shrill, broil, diffuse, splintering, brief, succinct, summary, candy cane, chewy, candyfloss, quirky, scrunch, merry, piercing, French fries, biting, spruce, rimy, graze, hunker, crouch, laconic, scrap, micro chip, boil, cream, furrow, well-groomed, tidy, compact, drink, crispen, high-speed, knifelike, chip, cellular, nippy, chilled, caramel, capsule, flake, uncluttered, pithy, acuate, creamy, snug, kinky, fresh, barbed, rimed, discursive, parky, tender, microprocessor chip, apothegmatic, frozen, epigrammatic, articulate, embrittled, chew, charbroil, clean, invigorating, thumbnail, shipshape, sententious, declamatory, sharp, smug, crinkle, frosty, poker chip, colorfast, elliptical, penetrating, candy apple, mordacious, salute, firm, raffish, spiffy, distinct, prim, creased, antiseptic, cold, fast, candy, friable, way-out, thud, buttery, circuitous, center, economical, agile, at full speed/tilt/throttle, brown, precipitous, crispy, chatty, braise, deft, crumbly, baked potato, Saratoga chip, bonbon, penetrative, caramelized, dashing, crump, speedy, discriminating, shrewd, flaky, lively, brickle, nappy, frigid, breathable, filmy, wrinkle, rumple, burn, quick, fibrous, nimble, needlelike, hash browns, orderly, home fries, crease, bubble gum, cow chip, wassail, kempt, sharp-worded, glacial, bake, frizzly, candy bar, squat, hunker down, distressed, toast, brusk, conversational, far-out, jaunty, jacket potato, snappy, baste, aphoristic, hard, astute, telegraphic, crumple, boil down, ripe, spanking, tidied, calorific, purse, microchip, natty, chip shot, pledge, curt, barbecue, nipping, groomed.
Examples of usage:
  1. passing through the hall, noted the crisp white ribbon at her throat and the bow in her hair. Hepsey, - "Lavender and Old Lace", Myrtle Reed.
  2. Dry thoroughly in oven until crisp and a delicate brown. - "The-Suffrage-Cook-Book", Kleber, L. O., Mrs..
  3. There was a crisp, sharp enjoyment attached to a long walk with her father which Madeline always loved, and on the present occasion she was willing to be very happy; but as she started, with her arm beneath his, she feared she knew not what. - "Orley Farm", Anthony Trollope.

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