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Spell check of cripple

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Correct spelling:
To make lame; deprive of power.
disable (verb)
impair, vitiate, cramp, enfeeble, tamper, undermine, hamper, weaken, abrogate, hinder, disable, incapacitate, neutralize, invalidate, stun, dull, prostrate, paralyze, lame, disarm, scotch, deaden, hamstring, benumb, hobble, sap, stupefy, anesthetize, handicap, screw up, botch.
hinder (verb)
restrain, tangle, oppose, jam, bottleneck, crimp, foul, fetter, clog, brake, bung, frustrate, hinder, constipate, plug, impair, constrain, drag, restrict, resist, hamstring, complicate, impede, burden, block, hamper, paralyze, stay, check, snarl, deter, entangle, handicap, entrap, snag, congest, dam, curb, detain, baffle, cramp, bar, counter, choke, mire, delay, obstruct, interrupt, thwart, inhibit, stop, catch, encumber.
Other synonyms:
lame, stultify.
Examples of usage:
  1. They say he differs from the cripple in many important respects, but not in degree of livingness. - "Luck or Cunning?", Samuel Butler.
  2. Ride, you cripple, ride! - "Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course", W. B. M. Ferguson.
  3. Sure, compared to what you once was, you'll be a cripple. - "The Desert of Wheat", Zane Grey.

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