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Spell check of cradle

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Correct spelling:
A rocking bed for a child; scythe with fingers for cutting grain.
To lay in a cradle; to cut with a cradle.
beginning (noun)
spring, source, conception, derivation, stem, dawn, earliness, embryo, Genesis, emergence, nativity, beginning, infancy, origin, commencement, sprout, prelude, start, inauguration, preparation, birth, babyhood, nascency, inception, hatching, precursor, introduction, creation.
bed (noun)
king-size bed, hospital bed, fold-away bed, bunk, berth, day bed, queen-size bed, roll-away bed, cot, four poster, sofa bed, bassinet, bunk bed, bed, single bed, double bed, crib, hammock.
Other synonyms:
carry, button, disaster area, place of origin, root, grip, gantry, foundation, frame, hold tight, hold on, rocking chair, well, provenience, cattle auction, bedside, bedroll, Dodge City, home, calling card, motherland, bedstead, answering machine, stanchion, rock 'n' roll musician, clutch, cameraphone, hang on, place of birth, air bed, bleeper, cell, fountain, anchorage, mother country, destination, framework, dust trap, card, bedpost, scaffold, 3G, rocker, 4G, seedbed, joist, dumping ground, grab, birthplace, center of excellence, fountainhead, support, bedhead, grasp, keep hold of something, font, aerie, rock, provenance, wellspring, rafter, beeper, buttress.
Examples of usage:
  1. I knew you when you were in the cradle- a little brown- haired babe. - "The Right of Way, Volume 3.", Gilbert Parker.
  2. It hath been told that the Children of the West Wind must seek their cradle, and while there is time he would join them in that quest. - "Salute to Adventurers", John Buchan.
  3. They swung on the falls, the boat rose into its cradle.... - "The Sea Bride", Ben Ames Williams.

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