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Spell check of Countries

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Correct spelling:
regions (noun)
Shires, areas, regions, states, provinces, nations, quarters, colonies, dukedoms, realms, municipalities, duchies, empires, sectors, towns, cities, fields, domains, places, beats, localities, ridings, parcels, plots, precincts, counties, divisions, commonweals, cantons, districts, lots, tracts, circuits, bailiwicks, earldoms, zones, territories, neighborhoods, kingdoms, boroughs.
Examples of usage:
  1. They know just as much as Jeff did about the countries where they make it. - "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town", Stephen Leacock.
  2. The matter of labor legislation is of such world- wide importance that a word or two may not be out of place concerning recent legislation in other countries. - "Popular Law-making", Frederic Jesup Stimson.
  3. But they are little people as really and truly as are the children of other countries. - "The Chinese Boy and Girl", Isaac Taylor Headland.

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