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Spell check of cotton-picking

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
blasted, unqualified, unalloyed, rank, flat, definite, deadly, stone, deuced, simple, all-out, profound, danged, freaking, regular, plumb, goddamned, sheer, clean, arrant, infernal, stark, doggone, gosh, accursed, Midland, unconditional, blooming, darn, damn, unmitigated, out-and-out, thoroughgoing, bodacious, dreadful, categorical, fiddlesticks, consummate, thorough, shucks, cussed, pure, total, confounded, complete, dang, dead, great Scott/Heavens, dash it (all), blank, unadulterated, confound it/him/her/them, darned, fair, damned, downright, outright, very, straight-out, flat-out, cursed, crashing, utter, perfect.

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