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Spell check of correlation

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Correct spelling:
relation (noun)
pertinence, connection, analogy, affiliation, relation, association, dependency.
connection (noun)
link, bond, affinity, connection, association, relationship, attachment, junction.
Other synonyms:
interconnection, correspond, interdependence, equivalence, linkage, tie-in, hookup, be associated with, connect, correlativity, do with, surround, have something to do with something, bear on, balance, correspondence, correlational statistics, exchange, be bound up/together, interrelate, similarity, pertain to, interrelationship, correlation coefficient, coefficient of correlation.
Examples of usage:
  1. But, as it is, we see vestige of such correlation; every species is for itself, and for itself alone- an outcome of the always and everywhere fiercely raging struggle for life. no - "A Candid Examination of Theism", George John Romanes.
  2. But let defer the further correlation and subdivision of the subjects of opinion and of intellect, for it will be a long enquiry, many times longer than this has been. us - "Plato's Republic", Plato.
  3. The results are to be tabulated and run through the computers to see if there is any correlation between human activity taken as a result of the forecast and the actual foretold events themselves." - "Fifty Per Cent Prophet", Gordon Randall Garrett.

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