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Spell check of cordiality

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Correct spelling:
mildness (noun)
quietness, mildness, geniality, broad-mindedness, permissiveness, amiability, libertarianism, meekness, benignity, clemency, open-mindedness, insipidity, moderateness, liberalness, forbearance, liberty, tenderness, gentleness, softness, peaceableness, liberality, benevolence, tolerance, charity, kindness, easiness, lenience, sweetness, latitude, moderation, laxity, acceptance, evenness.
cheerfulness (noun)
bonhomie, cheerfulness, warmness, gaiety, agreeableness, jolliness, congeniality, pleasance, amiability, geniality, jauntiness, happiness, complaisance, joyfulness, lightheartedness, merriness, buoyancy, sunniness, good humor, cheer, cheeriness, easygoingness, friendliness, affability.
sociability (noun)
neighborliness, amicability, amiability, gabbiness, congeniality, sociability, friendliness, geniality, gregariousness, vivaciousness, hospitality, chattiness, heartiness, folksiness, companionability, graciousness, affability, easygoingness, courteousness, talkativeness, garrulousness, conviviality.
Other synonyms:
gemütlichkeit, good-fellowship, attitude, friendship, sociableness, pleasantness, fellowship, warmth, amiableness, genialness, agreeability, congenialness, brotherhood, amity, amenity, courtesy, kindliness, warmth, good, cordialness.
Examples of usage:
  1. They were received with great cordiality by the prince, who evinced the utmost curiosity concerning the Portuguese who were on this ship. - "Japan", David Murray.
  2. came forward to meet her with an air of light cordiality. Alejandro's vagabundo - "A Prairie Infanta", Eva Wilder Brodhead.
  3. " Now, Ralph," continued he with lazy cordiality, as if he had known the youth for weeks instead of minutes, " what do you know about a life?" sailor's - "Ralph Granger's Fortunes", William Perry Brown.

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