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Spell check of convulse

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Correct spelling:
derange (verb)
toss, confound, meddle, disarrange, disturb, swirl, capsize, agitate, misplace, hash, muddle, upset, derange, perturb, scatter, jumble, botch, clutter, ruffle, roughen, dislocate, whip, blur, dishevel, scramble, mix-up, ripple, muss, displace, disorder, confuse, mess, disorganize, mislay, whisk, ferment, trouble, roil, rumple, tamper, tousle, churn, discompose, rummage, tumble.
Other synonyms:
slash, bring up against, stir, calm, amuse, joggle, fling, shake up, lam, bother, settle, lather, lash, cast aside, writhe, cut down, chuck, repetition, contortion, strap, toss out, mosh, jolt, put away, pitch, someone's heart pounds/beats/thumps, flutter, toss, clobber, stiffen, drub, jiggle, bat, welt, count against, dispose, quake, fidget, sky, torment, shake, thrash, disadvantage, slam dance, torture, jounce, fidgety, trounce, flip, flounder, cream, thrash about, throw away, the pit of your stomach, cast away, wobble, plague, shudder, throw out, cast out, burden, vibrate, let down, shake, inside, jactitate, flog, thresh, quiver, bucket, have/get/feel butterflies (in your stomach), someone's stomach churns/lurches/tightens, toss away, inhibit, jerk, chuck out, convulsion, fit, unsettle, flail, embarrass, throttle, hold back, thresh about, rock, slam, judder, lick, discard, contort, gash, rock.
Examples of usage:
  1. He himself calls it " a monster," and a monster it is; but a monster which has never failed to convulse the heart of young readers with the temperament of intellectual enthusiasm and sensibility. - "Biographical Essays", Thomas de Quincey.
  2. I heard the wind Fly crying, and convulse tumultuous palms. - "The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 24 (of 25)", Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang.
  3. He entered immediately on an explanation of the situation of our affairs with France, and the danger of rupture with that nation, a rupture which would convulse the attachments of this country; that he was impressed with the necessity of an immediate mission to the Directory; that it would have been the first wish of his heart to have got me to go there, but that he supposed it was out of the question, as it did not seem justifiable for him to send away the person destined to take his place in case of accident to himself, nor decent to remove from competition one who was a rival in the public favor. - "Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson", Thomas Jefferson.

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