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Spell check of conventional

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Correct spelling:
Agreed on; customary.
average (adjective)
medium, ordinary, mezzo, everyday, middle-of-the-road, middling, mediocre, midmost, median, customary, predominant, stock, run-of-the-mill, normal, usual, dominant, commonplace, halfway, moderate, standard, mean, stereotype, mid, common, average.
conforming (adjective)
regular, customary, congruous, formal, aping, proper, complying, adhering, submissive, acquiescing, traditional, consist, obedient, mannerly, correct, conforming.
accepted (adjective)
sanctioned, approved, customary, traditional, established, prevalent, orthodox, standard, condoned, accepted.
fashionable (adjective)
swank, coordinated, chichi, refined, decorous, tony, rakish, showy, smart, vogue, stylish, dapper, snappy, natty, dashing, slick, chic, modal, fashionable, up-to-date, ritzy, fancy.
habitual (adjective)
accustomed, regular, routine, common, acclimated, habitual, custom, well-worn, conditioned, familiar, timeworn.
regular (adjective)
continual, general, canonical, epochal, everyday, periodic, average, habitual, regular, rhythmic, commonplace, ordinary, metronomic, prevailing, chronic, predominating, normal, standard, cyclical, stock, constant, traditional, universal, routine, mundane, monotonous, steady, customary, orthodox, accustomed, recurrent, usual, frequent, familiar, common.
Other synonyms:
received, fitting, antibacterial, obstinate, antiaircraft, liberal, orderly, square, broad-minded, bloodless, live, courtesy, current, stereotypical, conformable, clear, atypical, effected, formulaic, prejudiced, classic, nuclear, stuffy, accept, ritual, precise, puritanical, fixed, rigid, wonted, typical, accepted, hidebound, strict, schematic, broad-spectrum, buttoned-down, popular, expected, stereotyped, established, stiff, insular, agree, seemly, believing, recognized, narrow, stately, button-down, going, ceremonial, punctilious, combination, dogmatic, unusual, antenatal, well-known, straight, clinical, characteristic, unoriginal, nonnuclear, antimalarial, establishmentarian, parochial, unremarkable, accomplished, traditional, pompous, heavy, conservative, polite, nondescript, narrow-minded, unexceptional, conformist, naturalized, aseptic, literal, long-range, explosive, courtly, anti-personnel, confirmed, modish, stodgy, essential, anti-tank, prototypical, plain, decent, bigoted, relaxed, illiberal, set, unimaginative, classical, constituted, stereotypic, scriptural, nonrepresentational, unconventional, customary, fit, prescriptive, ceremonious, right, bionic, archetypal, inflexible, orthodox.
Examples of usage:
  1. Laurie, as Parker had noticed, had been " quiet- like"; he had said very little indeed, but a nervous strain was evident in the brightness of his eyes; but in answer to a conventional inquiry he had declared himself extremely well. Mr. - "The Necromancers", Robert Hugh Benson.
  2. At the same time I have not hesitated to present the results of my own studies where they have led away from the conventional view of men and events. - "Union and Democracy", Allen Johnson.
  3. They bowed to each other; they spoke the conventional words proper to the occasion- but the effort that it cost them showed itself. - "The Black Robe", Wilkie Collins.

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