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Spell check of Consulting

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Correct spelling:
advising (verb)
suggesting, warning, cautioning, encouraging, tipping off, prompting, recommending, informing, counseling, directing, notifying, cueing, guiding, advising, admonishing, briefing, advocating, conferring, instructing.
conversing (verb)
parleying, debating, arguing, talking, meeting, conversing, chatting, confronting, discussing.
Other synonyms:
concessionaire, constructor, expert, consultatory, brokerage, bookseller, collection agency, consultive, deterrent, authenticator, opinion, forewarned is forearmed, clearinghouse, advisory, cautionary, consultative, consultancy, caterer, automaker, portentous.
Examples of usage:
  1. They had just crept up to the top of the ravine and were consulting, when some one immediately behind them, not twenty feet away, called out: " Hello! - "Two Little Confederates", Thomas Nelson Page.
  2. Poole, therefore, stopped at this place, and on consulting with Browne, determined to return to the camp without delay. Mr. Mr. - "Expedition into Central Australia", Charles Sturt.
  3. Mother will be annoyed if you send out invitations without consulting her. - "Colorado Jim", George Goodchild.

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