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Spell check of conge

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Correct spelling:
Leave; leave of absence; parting ceremony.
To take leave; salute at parting.
Other synonyms:
farewell, au revoir, congee, ave, jook, Godspeed, adieu, bon voyage.
Examples of usage:
  1. It was a curious anomaly also that the one man in Lebanon who would not have been expected to love and pursue horse- flesh was the Reverend Reuben to whom had given his conge, but who loved a horse as he loved himself. Tripple Ingolby - "The World For Sale, Volume 2.", Gilbert Parker.
  2. But when she saw Jim approaching while Raymond was receiving his conge, she thrilled again, simultaneously wondering whether she was, after all, but a heartless coquette. - "Missy", Dana Gatlin.
  3. I can recognize a conge, but consider me a persistent boor. - "The Firefly Of France", Marion Polk Angellotti.

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