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Spell check of conclusive

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Correct spelling:
Final; decisive.
complete (adjective)
unified, final, exhaustive, thorough, through, done, integral, accomplished, uncut, intact, unsevered, finished, sum, total, plenary, unabridged, comprehensive, solid, entire, complete, all, undivided, full, whole, universal, collective.
final (adjective)
settling, revealing, indisputable, final, decisive, determinative, telling, unanswerable, deciding, irrevocable, unquestionable, closing, last, concluding, unmistakable, determining, demonstrative, resolving.
absolute (adjective)
unequivocal, undeniable, supreme, complete, certain, perfect, unmitigated, unqualified, definite, sure, utter, absolute, consummate, categorical, unrestricted, positive, indubitable, unconditional.
entire (adjective)
tally, total, full, all-inclusive, holistic, gross, sweeping, complete, exhaustive, full-scale, comprehensive, full-fledged, sum, all, entire, all-embracing, whole, mass, global, full-grown.
Other synonyms:
reflective, satisfying, deciding, unambiguous, inadmissible, convincing, effective, persuasive, determinate, univocal, corroborative, important, strong, compelling, decide, forceful, symptomatic, determinative, suggestive, documentary, clear, definitive, the proof of the pudding (is in the eating), unequivocal, official, authoritative, true, supporting, sanctioned, circumstantial, standard, absolute, crucial.
Examples of usage:
  1. The only conclusive answer to it was to gain Home Rule. - "John Redmond's Last Years", Stephen Gwynn.
  2. The countess thought that this note was very cold and formal, and would be altogether conclusive; but, nevertheless, at about eleven o'clock that night there came another messenger from Hap House with another letter, saying that Owen would be at Desmond Court at two o'clock on the following day. - "Castle Richmond", Anthony Trollope.
  3. I can conceive nothing more conclusive than this experiment. - "New observations on the natural history of bees", Francis Huber.

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