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Spell check of complaints

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Correct spelling:
diseases (noun)
spasms, illnesses, attacks, collapses, malaises, infections, bugs, debilities, fevers, agues, diseases, symptoms, disabilities, maladies, handicaps, curses, disorders, sicknesses, breakdowns, ailments, pestilences, conditions, complications, syndromes, affections, viruses, infirmities.
protests (noun)
ridicules, lamentations, deprecations, objections, detractions, scolds, grievances, protests.
lawsuits (noun)
suits, summonses, citations, affidavits, lawsuits, indictments, subpoenas, allegations, charges, hearings, arraignments, counts, prosecutions, accusations, cases, actions, writs, litigations, implications, grievances.
disagreements (noun)
challenges, oppositions, arguments, disagreements, disaccords, disputes, rejections, repudiations, conflicts, contentions, disunities, dissents.
Examples of usage:
  1. We kept our complaints to ourselves and were in truth more than a little ashamed of them. - "Godfrey Marten, Undergraduate", Charles Turley.
  2. I was up against their complaints, their immediate hatred of the wife, of the stranger, whom I was proposing to force upon them.... - "The Eight Strokes of the Clock", Maurice Le Blanc.
  3. Certain complaints have been made to the Government concerning some of your doings here, and they have sent me to look into the matter. - "White Fire", John Oxenham.

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