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Spell check of commemorate

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Correct spelling:
To call to remembrance by a solemn act.
celebrate (verb)
salute, memorialize, cheer, fete, proclaim, observe, exult, hallow, laud, carouse, inaugurate, solemnize, honor, praise, make merry, hail, jubilate, revel, enjoy, celebrate, rejoice, glorify, frolic, trumpet, acclaim, venerate, party.
Other synonyms:
monumentalize, mark off, memorialize, notice, show, remember, cross out, note, study at celebrate, nock, punctuate, pock, recall, eternalize, read, record, scar, call up, deliver, register, think, retrieve, address, think of, grade, eternize, orate, parade, admire, immortalize, label, commend, check, tape, set, immortalise, differentiate, mark, brand, strike out, check off, distinguish, eternalise, lecture, eternise, keep, call back, put down, think back, tag, dedicate to, strike off, tick, stigmatize, give, pit, stigmatise, cross off, enter, score, tick off, denounce, recollect, chair, memorialise.
Examples of usage:
  1. Simultaneously almost with the emotion arises the longing to express, to create a form that shall match the feeling, that shall commemorate the moment of ecstasy. - "Since Cézanne", Clive Bell.
  2. Sacrifices are offered by Tibetans when crossing a high pass, especially if there is a Lama close at hand to commemorate the event. - "An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet", A. Henry Savage Landor.
  3. The significance of connecting my name with this mountain is centered in the circumstance that it was intended to mark or commemorate an important event- that of giving to the public a very correct outline map of Yellowstone lake. - "The Discovery of Yellowstone Park", Nathaniel Pitt Langford.

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