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Spell check of comfortable

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Correct spelling:
Affording or enjoying comfort.
comfortable (adjective)
pleasurable, contented, acceptable, cozy, agreeable, restful, commodious, gratifying.
content (adjective)
serene, easy, complacent, at ease, snug, contend, satisfied.
Other synonyms:
genial, balmy, numb, competitive, at ease, booming, satisfied, content, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), commodious, well-fixed, brownstone, bounteous, halcyon, favourable, numbing, manageable, well-situated, enough, well-provided, homelike, rich, galore, insensitive, friendly, pleased, adequate, wounded, lovely, good, easygoing, best, cozy, easy, mindless, satisfactory, at ease, flourishing, rested, cosy, pleasant, protected, convincing, comfy, burned-out, roomy, roaring, homely, sheltered, happy, cheery, luxurious, convenient, plenty, sufficient, sluttish, thrive, abundant, tranquil, well-off, pleasing, comforted, restored, composed, cut up, button-down, clingy, untroubled, prospering, comfortably off, relaxed, palatial, attractive, colonial, generous, affluent, elementary, cushy, casual, trouble-free, prosperous, at one with, dead, placid, easeful, palmy, enough, golden, bountiful, handsome, favorable, well-to-do, snug, carpeted, miserable, devastating, in the lap of luxury, chilled, boot-cut, hotly, wretched, relaxing, critical, lucky, nonchalant, spacious, leisurely, brief, plenteous, hurt, intimate, laid-back, insensible, decisive, suitable, decent, beachfront, satisfying, baronial, soothing, canny, carbuncle, civilized, soft, baggy, injured, gentle, agreeable, button-through, competent, cavernous, well-off, cornucopian, useful, enjoyable, at rest, lame, relieved, homey, cramped, cool, in funds, uncomfortable, excess, wanton, backless, contented, uneasy, thriving, healthy, light, promiscuous, simple, liberal, calm, well-to-do, out of action, analgesia, hot, hardball, appointed, nice, homy, cheerful, ample, wealthy, warm, undemanding, wide, painless, effortless, salubrious, well-heeled, go to sleep, loose, snug, aplenty, A-line, battered, suitable, black and blue, folksy.
Examples of usage:
  1. Take this, and let it make you more comfortable. - "After a Shadow, and Other Stories", T. S. Arthur.
  2. For doing good, you know, and making other people comfortable. - "Opportunities", Susan Warner.
  3. " I can't make a pretty speech in return for that, Miss he replied, " but you know how much more comfortable I shall be to know that you are all safe." Bellwood," - "The Mynns' Mystery", George Manville Fenn.

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