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Spell check of colorless

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Correct spelling:
Without color.
colorless (adjective)
bleached, neutral, pale, dull, achromatic, lusterless, hueless, white, faded, lackluster, toneless.
Other synonyms:
bleached, stale, sombre, lurid, uninspired, grayed, somber, color-coded, unstained, bright, washy, arid, tiring, sterile, dulled, tiresome, pedestrian, boring, tedious, tame, wan, matter-of-fact, pastelike, stuffy, stupid, ho-hum, old, flat, earthbound, colored, pasty, faded, sober, trivial, flavorless, livid, drab, jading, whitened, prosaic, unpainted, wearisome, unimaginative, washed-out, ablaze, dusty, pallid, dry, cold, etiolate, chintzy, jejune, uncolored, unexciting, prefaded, bland, waxen, indistinctive, drudging, weary, wearying, pale, dreary, bold, slow, excite, numbing, leaden, blanched, aseptic, colourless, spiritless, stodgy, brash, clean, tintless, ashy, uninteresting, waxy, monochromatic, ashen, heavy, humdrum, cadaverous, white, mind-numbing, neutral, sallow, lifeless, transparent, ponderous, strong, colors, etiolated, waxlike, undyed, monotonous, characterless, bloodless.
Examples of usage:
  1. was a rather prim and colorless epistle, severely innocent of gossip or emotion. Marilla's - "Anne Of The Island", Lucy Maud Montgomery.
  2. " I guess I take the line of the least resistance- like the majority of them," was the colorless reply. - "The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush", Francis Lynde.
  3. A large red- and- gray animal was pushed into the mouth of one of the latter, and the walls instantly closed; then they opened, and the creature drifted out, limp and colorless, but alive; and with him came fragments of the wall, broken off by the pressure. - ""Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Stories of the Sea", Morgan Robertson.

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