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Spell check of color

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Correct spelling:
A property of light; appearances produced by rays of different refrangibility; hue; paint; show; appearance.
To give a color to.
variegate (verb)
checker, streak, striate, colorize, check, marble, fleck, tessellate, dapple, freckle, stripe.
color (noun)
tincture, stain, rainbow, dye, shade, spectrum, ink, paint, hue, palette, complexion, tint, pigment, tone.
color (verb)
stain, shade, dye, tint, ink, paint.
Other synonyms:
hammer and sickle, twine, simulation, intensity, avant-garde, sweep over, wring, burnish, television, programming, substitute, seeming, wash, oriflamme, coloured, on-air, blush, wile, color in, luminosity, force, appearance, purple, touch, spark, chroma, drain, baroque, banner, pack a punch, cast, barrette, red, blazon, complexioned, trick, deform, colouring material, plausibleness, affectation, stir, continuity, artsy-craftsy, dyestuff, accessible, skew, dissimulation, gold, richness, colors, disguise, dullness, run, standard, flagpole, pretense, assumption, false colors, annotate, rubric, bloodless, tinge, pretext, decide, blue, discoloration, constitution, gray, genius, distort, personality, likely, depth, bite, a, recruit, blackness, brighten, saturation, catch, coloring material, colorize, mask, pretension, conscript, glow, liveliness, credibility, food colour, flood, flash, tinct, vividness, troops, discolour, streamer, creditability, coloring, pennon, campy, radio, people of color, lead to, interest, contrast, televisual, surge, color scheme, gloss, verisimilitude, colorise, comment, illusion, redden, air, live, aesthetic, credibleness, creditableness, veil, food color, glossary, self, bleach, guidon, come over, on-screen, value, colorant, flame, disguisement, colour in, Blue Peter, blankness, orange, food coloring, service, cover, mystery, brush, colouring, piquancy, subterfuge, bunting, falsify, brightness, curler, character, respray, checkered flag, enlist, plausibility, fade, contort, heighten, influence, front, veneer, tan, food colouring, banderole, Jolly Roger, buzz, blow dryer, discolor, bobby pin, colouration, semblance, color up, guise, camp, masquerade, conditioner, colourise, drabness, rating, flag, cloak, banneret, vitality, colourize, abstract, warp, flush, give, people of colour, strain, likeness, pendant, pulse, iridescence, complected, green, colour, mast, panchromatic, darkness, undertone, blacken, brown, bronzed, chromatic, jack, artistic, life, colored, pink, brilliance, clay, pennant, zest, grip, face, bloom, garble, burn, animation, freshness, put-on, window-dressing, ruse, fascination, military, believability, curling iron, black, show, yellow, comb, ensign, emblazon, polish, better, grow, albino, excuse, glossiness, engulf, coloration, twist, novelty.
Examples of usage:
  1. The color of this ruby at the present time is the most perfect in existence. - "An Artist in Crime", Rodrigues Ottolengui.
  2. He was not afraid, for he knew that he loved the little girl well enough to remember the color of her eyes. - "Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country", Joel Chandler Harris.
  3. I'll tell her that you have forgotten what color you were to buy, or how much. - "San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams", Charles Paul de Kock.

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