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Correct spelling:
Act of collecting; that which is collected; assemblage.
acquisition (noun)
acquisition, claim, gain, addition, accumulation, catch, appropriation, purchase, annexation, assumption, procurement.
crew (noun)
squad, posse, complement, host, team, school, division, band, phalanx, party, nest, set, clique, detail, group, aggregation, crew, wing, retinue, gang, mob, pack, league, hive, body, coalition, fleet, colony, assembly, herd, ring, circle, clan, force, troupe, coterie, detachment, tribe, brigade, union, bevy, caucus, club, battalion, cabal, company, covey, staff, troop, junta, platoon, fellowship, sect, faction, fraternity, flock, regiment, cadre, bunch, drove, army, society, cell, assemblage, outfit, crowd, litter, string.
collection (noun)
corps, omnium-gatherum, council, body, formation, group, complement, league, college, band, partnership, stew, salad, mix, union, bloc, assortment, bunch, medley, set, coalition, society, federation, assembly, assemblage.
oblation (noun)
penitence, dedication, libation, votive offering, oblation, offertory, offering, sacrifice, devotion, burnt offering.
list (noun)
tablet, scrapbook, docket, pad, thesaurus, storybook, invoice, bank-book, schedule, roster, registry, summary, daybook, inventory, menu, account, file, yearbook, statement, manifest, register, roll, recording, novel, book, diary, lexicon, dictionary, annual, notebook, store, chronicle, count, log, waybill, documentation, index, total, budget, workbook, blank-book, census, detail, bill, cash book, digest, enumeration, tabulate, treasury, record, score, ledger, sum, journal, logbook, list, scroll, catalog, calendar, itemization, album, table, check, annals, repertory, history, recount, tally.
Other synonyms:
show, antiquarian, combination, atlas, fashionista, bundle, crush, holdings, age group, selection, quantity, hoard, omnibus, accumulation, constellation, assembling, batch, symposium, stock, compilation, order, securing, appeal, battery, garland, fashion house, parade, miscellany, prayer, mess, appealingness, artefact, arsenal, lodgment, accrual, agglomeration, concentration, antique, autobiography, muster, carrel, cumulus, blook, haute couture, assemblage, almanac, bookmobile, accruement, retrieval, amassment, hodgepodge, collector's item, grouping, line of battle, gathering, exhibition, collector, archive, bank, solicitation, cumulation, card catalog, collect, accession, bible, Goth, order of battle, couturier, knot, pileup, pile, collecting, huddle, passel, cache, capture, sight, finding, entreaty, corpus, stack, audience, house, art gallery, antiquity, biography, congeries, mass, artifact, collectible, compendium, parcel, clutch, aggregation, package, roundup, bale, lot, battle array, library, allurement, arrangement, recovery, bestseller, collation, block, array, round-up, busload, fashion, suite, accretion, recovering, heap, disposition, charm, clot, hookup, ingathering, catwalk, clump, anthology, fashion show, number, archivist, cluster, authority.
Examples of usage:
  1. He turned it over and over, and suddenly noticing that there was a foreign stamp on the other side, he became more excited than ever, and asked if he might tear it off, as his son had rather a good collection. - "Bill the Minder", W. Heath Robinson.
  2. You have a fine collection here. - "Penny Plain", Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas).
  3. These I added to those in the tables, which have been already mentioned, and they made together a valuable collection on the subject. - "The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave-Trade, by the British Parliament (1839)", Thomas Clarkson.

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