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Spell check of cold

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Correct spelling:
Absence of heat; sensation produced by absence of heat; distemper caused by cold.
Without heat; without passion; indifferent.
indifferent (adjective)
unconcerned, unwilling, dispassionate, insouciant, uninterested, perfunctory, uncaring, neutral, half-hearted, indifferent, passive, impartial, lukewarm, cool, apathetic, disinterested, detached, easygoing, nonchalant.
cold (adjective)
bitter, icy, nippy, chilly, biting, ice-like, frosty, bitterly cold, frigid, frozen, wintry.
cold (noun)
frozenness, chill, coolness, iciness, freeze, frostiness, frigidity, gelidity, coldness, bitterness.
Other synonyms:
beriberi, cold-eyed, unfriendly, numbing, cooked, a nip in the air, spontaneous, wretched, clean, au naturel, appendicitis, frosty, ablaze, standoff, headlong, coincidental, perfect, asocial, inhuman, frigidness, miserable, promptly, bleached, penetrating, brittle, deep-fried, depressing, brisk, darkening, low, hard-eyed, cold-blooded, ice-cold, harsh, dismal, frigorific, cold snap, lonely, unloving, nuclear winter, buttoned-up, awareness, godforsaken, drear, stinging, botulism, inhibited, coldish, desolate, insensate, on-the-spot, unemotional, coldish, senseless, bunny, chintzy, Alzheimer's disease, asleep, unsociable, coldness, unclubbable, severe, insentient, altitude sickness, lugubrious, deviled, curried, bone-chilling, passionless, defunct, morose, saturnine, black, shivering, involuntary, suddenly, dry, fast, crisp, refrigerating, wintry, unresponsive, antagonistic, sex, attitude, chilled, bow-wow, refrigerated, clammy, murky, solemn, standoffish, chilliness, fresh, blood poisoning, funereal, comfortless, sullen, cold-eyed, Cimmerian, inclement, arctic, iced, cheerless, plutonian, morbid, snappy, piercing, distant, stiff, bright, nippy, dust-covered, boreal, antisocial, refrigerant, accidental, polar, dead, aloof, ratty, anthrax, offish, emotionless, stale, lifeless, demised, cross, lonesome, instinctive, insensible, warm, color-coded, right now, birdie, frore, low temperature, departed, hot, frosted, somber, sepulchral, freezing, choo-choo, hard, acold, ardorless, gone, remote, shabby, hostile, heatless, unheated, forlorn, wind chill, antiseptic, colored, inhumane, unsympathetic, stone-cold, bold, rimy, unwarmed, late, tatty, random, elegiac, straight, depressive, bang, at once, shivery, unpleasant, cutting, frigid, glacial, tenebrific, cloudy, anorexia, cold spell, perspiring, raw, gray, straight away, parky, impromptu, brash, churlish, unenthusiastic, coolish, dark, breathless, intense, by accident, ague, breaded, tenebrous, dire, moth-eaten, nipping, unconscious, bronchitis, fallen, dreich, bleak, gelid, snowy, deceased, mothy, unintended, rimed, dusty, boo-boo, dreary, far, keen, arbitrary, battered, sunless, unaffected, unbending, sharp, al dente, stony, glum, big, briskness, unmoved, instantly, icy, frost, algid, old, disconsolate, common cold.
Examples of usage:
  1. Then I got cold. - "The U.P. Trail", Zane Grey.
  2. " Everything is cold now. - "La Vendée An Historical Romance", Anthony Trollope.
  3. " It's going to get cold," Joe said. - "Joe Burke's Last Stand", John Moncure Wetterau.

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