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relating, wedding, allying, connecting, splicing, marrying, merging, coupling, annexing, clinging, juxtaposing, bonding, consolidating, adhering, abutting, affixing, affiliating, amalgamating, joining. assigning, referring, casting, branding, placing, blaming, connecting, crediting, imputing, citing, setting, ascribing, attributing, acknowledging, applying, accrediting, marking. splicing, wedding, binding, fastening, sticking, merging, relating, joining, clinging, coupling, marrying, connecting, hitching, adhering, abutting, annexing, affixing, bonding, juxtaposing. accompanying, escorting, garnishing, adding, accessorizing, chaperoning, affixing, supplementing, adorning, attending, seconding.


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Spell check of closure

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Correct spelling:
Act of closing.
cessation (noun)
stay, ending, hiatus, stoppage, cessation, termination, pause, end, standstill, interruption, halt, discontinuance, abandonment.
fastener (noun)
string, cincture, suture, link, zipper, hawser, skewer, weld, brad, knot, strap, brace, bonding, medium, pin, fuse, splice, hook, rivet, binder, mediator, cotter, coupling, catch, twine, glue, lace, tie, clasp, anchor, stay, buckle, bond, fastener, band, middleman, staple, clamp, hitch, hasp, connector, belt, grapnel, mucilage, ligament, latch, clip, vise, cement, braid, binding, paste, nail, thread, chain, cinch, tack, lock, seal, bolt, spike, rabbet, bracket, button, stitch, go-between, cleat, agent, hinge, fastening, snap, knitting, clinch, vinculum, guy.
closure (noun)
seal, lock, choke, obstruction, cork, stopper, fastener, plug.
Other synonyms:
closedown, expiration, colony, conclusion, full point, gag law, windup, lock out, auction block, close off, liquidation, resolve, passing, check, occlusion, expiry, arrest, go out of business, surcease, shutoff, small town, pulley, close, lapse, offset, cease, arrestment, full stop, cube, shut, law of closure, stoppage, shutting, go under, layover, completion, gag rule, continue, resoluteness, point, city block, crash, engine block, firmness of purpose, shut down, plosive consonant, mop up, colonisation, jam something open/shut, shutdown, close up, end of the line, stopover, liquidate, settlement, declaration, resolving power, plosive, pulley block, fail, fold, resolution, period, bar, discontinuation, blocking, wrap-up, finish, blockage, result, cloture, cylinder block, occluded front, block off, fasten, stop consonant, resolving, withdrawal, answer, terminus, block, finish, consummation, firmness, colonization, stopping point, culmination, plosive speech sound, diaphragm, solvent, cutoff, mental block, village, stop, solving, occlusive, wind-up, solution, closing.
Examples of usage:
  1. The first is produced by the contraction of the heart and the flow of blood out of it; the second is caused by the rebound of blood in the aorta and the closure of the valves that prevent it from flowing backward into the heart, whence it came. - "Special Report on Diseases of Cattle", U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler.
  2. The most striking feature is the closure of the cell between the third and fourth longitudinal veins with the elimination of the cross- vein; the veins at the base of the wing differ from those in the normal shown in a. - "Sex-linked Inheritance in Drosophila", Thomas Hunt Morgan Calvin B. Bridges.
  3. Here, at last, they were face to face- it was the closure of the past, the burgeoning of the new! - "The Long Lane's Turning", Hallie Erminie Rives.

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