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Spell check of closeted

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Correct spelling:
secluded (adjective)
cordoned, detached, expatriated, excluded, exiled, cloistered, extradited, boycott, outcast, solitary, anonymous, eliminated, separated, banished, extirpated, disbarred, deported, xenophobic, ejected, confined, blackballed, excommunicated, lonely, alienated, segregated, hermitic, reclusive, sequestered, alone, blacklisted, antisocial, aloof, secluded, isolated, maverick, misanthropic, ostracized.
secluded (verb)
screened, disbarred, sequestered, alienated, extirpated, ejected, isolated, removed, excommunicated, confined, cloistered, rejected, separated, ousted, expatriated, secluded, extradited, detached, evicted, expelled, boycotted, segregated, blacklisted, deported, ostracized, excluded, blackballed, eliminated, insulated, exiled, banished, cordoned.
Other synonyms:
GLBT, fag hag, bisexual, bi, heterosexual, come out, gay.
Examples of usage:
  1. One day of the days, as the woman was closeted with her lover, he said to her, " O my lady and my beloved, an thou desire me and love me, give me possession of thy person and, satisfy my need in the presence of thy husband; otherwise I will never again come to thee nor draw near thee while I live my life." - "Supplemental Nights, Volume 1", Richard F. Burton.
  2. In the morning before they were to start, Diana seemed to be often closeted with her maid, and once in passing Miss open door, her companion could not help seeing a consultation going on, and a snowy white dress, with black ribbons, lying on the bed. Mallory's - "The Testing of Diana Mallory", Mrs. Humphry Ward.
  3. " I have been closeted with the manager," I explained. - "An Amiable Charlatan", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

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