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Spell check of cleavage

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Correct spelling:
Manner or direction of splitting.
disjunction (noun)
segregation, disassociation, disassembly, divorce, fissure, detachment, dissection, alienation, partition, disintegration, slice, disconnection, division, incision, dissociation, part, cut, disunity, disarticulation, break, amputation, rent, disengagement, split, separation, bisection.
bisection (noun)
halfway, dichotomy, fissure, hemisphere, bisection, split, half, cut, half-and-half, fork, division, branch, bifurcation.
Other synonyms:
bust, segmentation, boob, cup, diversity, collision, variation, crevice, dissolution, variety, a world of difference, breakup, fractionalization, breast, falsies, crack, fractionation, splitting, difference, partitioning, scission, bosom, contrast, distinction, divergence, hole, rift, fracture, chink, open, sundering, hooters, cleft, sectionalization, disunion, knockers, curve, contradiction, schism, sectionalisation.
Examples of usage:
  1. The line of cleavage was as sharply defined as ever. - "George Brown", John Lewis.
  2. Not only was Europe rent by the conflict of Catholic and Protestant, but the dream of an international reformed Church which at one time floated before the mind of was dissipated by the strength of nationalism and the cleavage in the ranks of the reformers themselves. Cranmer - "The Unity of Civilization", Various.
  3. She felt sure, from the way he shirked the subject, that he was getting himself into financial difficulties again, and if the matter came to Sir ears she was afraid that this time it might end in an irreparable cleavage between uncle and nephew. Philip's - "The Vision of Desire", Margaret Pedler.

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