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Correct spelling:
Bright; transparent; unobstructed; plain.
To grow clear.
To make clear; free from charges; acquit; to pass by or over; to make profit.
liberate (verb)
release, disengage, emancipate, set free, free, liberate, let loose, reprieve, dismiss, deliver.
intelligible (adjective)
self-explanatory, plain, legible, comprehensible, lucid, perspicuous, crisp, decipherable, consistent, direct, coherent, straightforward, intelligible, understandable.
succinct (adjective)
direct, blunt, unpoetical, folksy, informal, bald, candid, simple, ordinary, straightforward, plain-spoken, uncluttered, prosaic, unpretentious, casual, frank, unadorned, outspoken, honest, stark, intelligible.
certain (adjective)
unequivocal, positive, confident, decisive, trusting, set, decided, incontrovertible, irrefutable, assured, indubitable, unmistakable, indisputable, sure, patent, incontestable, irrefragable, undoubted, convinced, certain, undeniable, doubtless, definite, unquestionable, absolute, veritable, steadfast.
clean (verb)
tidy, purify, neaten, sanitize, disinfect, sweep, filter, cleanse, wash, clean, wipe, order, sterilize, scrub, purge, launder.
discharge (verb)
effuse, extravasate, exude, ejaculate, discharge, excrete, emit, transude, eliminate, evacuate, secrete.
vindicate (verb)
pardon, dismiss, excuse, refute, acquit, vindicate, forgive, avenge, mitigate, exonerate, exculpate, apologize, absolve.
visible (adjective)
salient, manifest, observable, obvious, plain, visible, discernible, perceptible, evident, perceivable, apparent, exposed, seeable, conspicuous, distinct.
acquit (verb)
pardon, liberate, exonerate, acquit, forgive, free, discharge, dismiss, defray, exculpate, absolve, release, excuse, vindicate.
articulate (adjective)
direct, smooth, articulate, glib, fluent, intelligible, succinct, well-spoken, eloquent, expressive, lucid, loquacious.
pure (adjective)
undefiled, honorable, irreducible, austere, basal, elementary, primal, stainless, virtuous, basic, undiluted, simple, nascent, plain, bare, stark, immaculate, prime, innocent, decent, clean, fundamental, essential, spotless, unadulterated, atomic, white, formative, purebred, chaste, aboriginal, simon-pure, unblemished, guiltless, unadorned, primary, elemental, uncluttered, unalloyed, faultless, untarnished, indivisible, sinless, unsullied, angelic, foundational, untainted, monolithic, blameless, pure.
transparent (adjective)
revealing, diaphanous, glassy, transparent, limpid, lucid, lucent, translucent, filmy, crystalline.
simple (adjective)
unadulterated, uncomplicated, crystalline, bald, refined, pure, terse, bare, childlike, innocent, candid, direct, spare, artless, chaste, austere, unsophisticated, simple, plain, elementary.
zero (verb)
reset, zero.
Other synonyms:
break through, unobjectionable, shake, take a leak, extraterritorial, travel by, atomize, clear up, polish off, expire, bloom, hyaline, hourly, kick the bucket, light up, remorseless, have, catch, stool, gain ground, unblocked, fool, go along, blotch, induce, make tracks, make pass, sunny, prima facie, reach, generate, drop, sharp, derelict, trenchant, remote, fulgent, elucidate, revive, draw in, piss, terminate, overcome, realize, reopen, choke, illuminate, bring in, heart-to-heart, fulgent, mop up, light-colored, iron out, irreproachable, underemployed, exonerated, accused, work, cloudless, impenitent, beautiful, bloodless, pull ahead, brighten, lay down, cashless, fade, barefaced, come about, unstopped, pee, comport, scabby, draw, lonely, make, antimalarial, enlighten, percipient, recover, deciding, cross-border, vindicated, slide by, out, unsubtle, figure out, agnise, carry through, conduct, receive, lead, radiant, exit, puzzle out, promiscuous, occur, glide by, inaccessible, boil over, milky, slang, sop up, arrive at, cease, calloused, drop off, dupe, wanton, liquidation, name, beady, explicit, bald-faced, unclouded, take place, puddle, cash, take off, nonambiguous, bring, clean-handed, combination, apart, edify, uninfected, pull through, weak, break down, give, close in, cook, actualise, clarify, bloodshot, nett, realise, irradiate, equal, unobstructed, swooning, pass by, get back, nominate, frontier, create, move in, short, irreproachable, soak up, approve, form, attain, imbibe, sheeny, gather in, produce, vanish, say yes, explicit, pass on, lambent, well-defined, compound, go by, take in, impeccable, carry off, adopt, falter, readable, bug-eyed, advance, incandescent, refulgent, metallic, assimilate, conclude, put one across, overt, ease, crown, empty, pee-pee, construct, lustrous, transcend, conk, broad, displace, pop off, hand, thinking, available, refulgent, stop, intelligibly, get ahead, assoil, gather, vacant, blank check, surpass, mandate, touch, chiseled, last, micturate, bright-line, weed out, obvious, establish, deep-set, legislate, partition, pretend, avoid, inculpable, sort out, deserted, fix, suck up, broad-spectrum, dispatch, end, acquire, take up, undetermined, profit, carry, unresolved, implicit, utter, spend, derive, in-depth, plain, sharp, authorize, against, blemish, win, crumple, put on, earn, distinct, crystal, aseptic, cashier's check, default, lighten up, faint, progress to, exceed, give-up the ghost, sunshiny, barefaced, shining, expel, fair, nonrefundable, cause, ex gratia, high, die, blister, lift, put one over, brilliant, outlying, sack, limpid, set down, stimulate, incandescent, overhear, tip, force out, hyaloid, allow, clear-cut, crease, suck in, put down, off-duty, range, hotfoot it, pull, the whole way, approach, decease, put across, not suspected, dislodge, luminous, turn out, complete, lambent, unapologetic, go past, discharged, pass water, equable, outermost, top out, opened, net, wee, crystalize, pardoned, fleet, slip by, serene, splendid, chequebook, hightail, liquid, creep, boil away, snuff it, unclutter, separate, beaming, subdued, last, flush out, blatant, discerning, fade away, impeccable, constitute, abscess, clean-living, dissolve, paid-up, rainless, see, bedsore, identifiable, furrow, cloud, overdue, handle, consume, unrepentant, unadorned, disentangle, dazzling, go away, luminous, loose, put right, make up, correct, noticeable, unequivocal, precise, blackhead, sanguine, open air, turn over, outdoors, reedy, abstemious, exempt, unqualified, straightforward, unopposed, high-pitched, bright, unencumbered, dark, candescent, shiny, specific, reform, substantiate, neat, top, unambiguous, bedazzling, definitive, cash in one's chips, pass off, sanguine, check stub, wrap up, score, bubble, calm, defecate, bionic, actualize, can, pass along, take a crap, check, survive, away, luculent, radiant, all the way, unclosed, full, out-of-doors, unload, fire up, take a shit, luminous, spend a penny, get together, get off, dead, boil, light-headed, effulgent, absorb, do, blank, distant, flat, suck, implicit, close, sunshiny, finish, sporty, definitive, wide awake, unfrosted, attract, unmarked, extend, well-adjusted, clinical, overstep, wee-wee, throw, bright-line, ready, absolved, get in, slack, straighten out, understandably, unfastened, grant, egest, lucid, surface, categorical, lighten, light, make sense, sweep away, surmount, clement, elapse, subject, vivid, total, come to, view, see-through, resounding, opaque, close-run, cocksure, inculpable, brighten up, hap, build, sink, cross, bedazzling, pass, lined, palpable, deport, gain, sluttish, call it a day/night, significant, open, express, semitransparent, lick, complexioned, uncrowded, cleared, collect, precise, customs, crystal clear, perish, boil up, gross, give notice, with-it, bald-faced, uncontaminating, scant, buy the farm, cloudy, fine, go off, give the axe, flash, sort, work out, exhaust, hold, antenatal, competing, pronounced, clearheaded, pellucid, bounce, splendid, go on, fall, round, evaporate, get through, lightheaded, slip away, illume, unimpeded, far, unsnarl, get out, break, trim, ingest, cocksure, detour, perspicuous, see the light, circumnavigate, luminous, prepare, guide, hazy, intelligible, ringing, crystalise, top off, get to, gleam, gull, effulgent, eject, candescent, unmortgaged, shed light on, devolve, dismissed, position, check card, thin, open-and-shut, clean up, liquidate, solve, seduce, make water, return, alert, circumvent, pinch, incur, good, lite, understand, blotchy, run, nonambiguous, unambivalent, sportsmanlike, outright, creaky, still, complected, plaintive, level, urinate, scram, skedaddle, sack up, sound, charged, trig, PPC, beaming, beat it, square away, heal, tidy up, unclogged, black eye, invite, evanesce, straighten, easy, recognize, get, manifest, vacuous, fickle, authorise, diaphanous, hit, cheque, brilliant, happen, hazel, capable, windless, cope, luculent, amortize, empower, lily-white, unpack, crystallise, undecided, calorie-free, pass away, go through, recognise, effloresce, bake, fire, class, deciding, cleanhanded, fetch, perfect, redraw, go across, make believe, tripping, relieve oneself, exculpated, give/get the go-ahead, strengthen, glowing, translucent, nurse, cross-eyed, befool, fresh, someone is only human, lily-white, communicate, low-cal, flawless, finish up, sunny, hollow, tip up, unmistakable, cleanhanded, overtake, croak, clear-thinking, drop dead, muster out, benefit, piddle, evident, clean-cut, pull in, unambiguous, thorough, send away, resolve, take, ringing, compensatory, unaccented, lustrous, unstopped, introduce, sleepy, tolerate, shave, jumpy, isolated, glowing, shit, finish with, agnize, apparent, quiet, illumine, shiny, dazzling, crap, hightail it, deflate, compos mentis, freckled, give the sack, sheeny, wakeful, ca-ca, audible, someone cannot/can't help it if, transparent, web, palpable, hotfoot, extract, fall out, sane, void, unclogged, lightsome, make it, unclosed, finish off, behave, strike, shining, respond, classify, squeaky, checkbook, watch, shrug off, crystallize, fight off, undefendable, go, untroubled, garner, sporting, pellucid, plunder, doe-eyed, assort, lapse, show up, overhaul, bear, vamoose, manage, idle, self-evident, athlete's foot, disappear, receptive, distinctly, permit, bolt, abandoned, assailable, discipline, antibacterial, unambivalent, close-set, make headway, undefended, remove, blow over, clearly, abrasion, cod, open-and-shut, liquid.
Examples of usage:
  1. You thought you were not at liberty because, you were not clear? 7014. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
  2. " clear you come from the country, sir. 'Tis - "The Great Mogul", Louis Tracy.
  3. Looks to me like it was going to clear up cold. - "The Man from Home", Booth Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson.

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