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Spell check of cinch

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Correct spelling:
fastener (noun)
string, clamp, suture, link, zipper, hawser, skewer, weld, brad, knot, strap, brace, bonding, medium, pin, fuse, splice, hook, rivet, binder, mediator, cotter, coupling, catch, twine, glue, lace, tie, cleat, anchor, stay, buckle, bond, fastener, band, middleman, staple, clasp, hitch, hasp, connector, belt, grapnel, mucilage, ligament, latch, closure, vise, cement, braid, binding, paste, nail, thread, chain, cincture, tack, lock, seal, bolt, spike, rabbet, bracket, button, stitch, go-between, clinch, agent, hinge, fastening, snap, knitting, clip, vinculum, guy.
Other synonyms:
inevitability, certain, grab, relax, a mathematical certainty, lubricate, insure, tighten, snatch, secure, slacken, slam dunk, ginger snap, a foregone conclusion, easy, shot, cream puff, cakewalk, zephyr, sure thing, cake, ginger nut, field day, carry, loosen, shoo-in, child's play, low-hanging fruit, certainty, true, help along, setup, gimme, gingersnap, tauten, press stud, soft/easy option, piece of cake, ensure, warrant, centering, suspect, lead-pipe cinch, kid stuff, walkaway, snap fastener, permit, no-brainer, snap bean, let, qualify, unloose, sure thing, gentle wind, crack, encourage, allow, certainty, open up, snap, foregone conclusion, picnic, breeze, a safe bet, assure, elasticity, walkover, snapshot, duck soup, put through, pushover, unwind, girth, slip, cracking, guarantee, stretch, outing, air, roses, play.
Examples of usage:
  1. He loosened cinch, flung the tie rope over the low limb of the big oak near team, and leaving his horse in the shadows, went on to the open door. Comet's Pollard's - "Six Feet Four", Jackson Gregory.
  2. But if you can get him across the Crazy Woman, Jim, it's a cinch to run him into town. - "Laramie Holds the Range", Frank H. Spearman.
  3. And one sure thing, that it ain't a cinch for Bradley Martin any more than what it is for any poor lady stenographer at so many per. that's Mrs. dallars - "A Crooked Mile", Oliver Onions.

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