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Spell check of Chose

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Correct spelling:
Of to choose.
chose (verb)
preferred, picked, favored, chosen, judged, liked, determined, elected, decided, espoused, adopted, selected, fancied, wished.
intended (verb)
resolved, expected, meant, schemed, chosen, wished, planned, endeavored, proposed, minded, intended, considered, aimed.
Examples of usage:
  1. It seemed to me that Sergeant Quick was not so foolish as his master chose to imagine. - "Queen Sheba's Ring", H. Rider Haggard.
  2. I never yet knew to give an order without good reason for it; but beyond that he chose me, because he said the task might prove difficult and he trusted me, I know nothing." Mahommed Gunga - "Rung Ho!", Talbot Mundy.
  3. Elizabeth sat down at her table without reply, and chose a pen. - "Elizabeth's Campaign", Mrs. Humphrey Ward.

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