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Spell check of chill

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Correct spelling:
Cold that causes shivering; an ague- fit; anything discouraging.
Cold; formal.
To make chill or cold; to discourage.
depressing (verb)
dismal, dispiriting, sad, unhappy, discouraging.
cool (verb)
freeze, ice, refrigerate.
kill (verb)
smother, purge, dispatch, drown, slaughter, put to sleep, do in, hang, massacre, assassinate, kill, snuff, ice, sacrifice, murder, exterminate, liquidate, smite, do away with, butcher, slay, execute, eliminate, strangle, asphyxiate, suffocate, remove.
dissuade (verb)
intimidate, prevent, deflect, ban, disincline, dishearten, inhibit, bar, daunt, deter, check, depress, divert, admonish, dampen, avert, restrain, dissuade, discourage, derail.
cold (adjective)
bitterly cold.
cold (noun)
frozenness, cold, coolness, iciness, freeze, frostiness, frigidity, gelidity, coldness, bitterness.
refrigerate (verb)
cool, freeze, refrigerate.
Other synonyms:
frigid, bang, darkening, while away, standoffish, frozen, shroud, algid, saturnine, curtain, scary, frigid, nippy, frosty, tremor, bone-chilling, winding-sheet, icy, numbing, solitary, dump, uncommunicative, frightening, undemonstrative, terror, blend, Cimmerian, mantle, arctic, gelidity, dread, cerement, depressing, cheerless, wretched, gray, scare, brisk, aloof, break off, tremble, crisis, wintry, arctic, lonely, shaking, polar, startle, alarming, kick, discharge, alarm, morbid, drear, bleak, shakiness, bone, reticent, funereal, brittle, cool, chilliness, apprehension, sullen, nipping, butter, split up, somber, snappy, chilly, intimidating, formal, blanch, dispirit, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, miserable, Alzheimer's disease, hallucination, anthrax, quivering, perforation, spooky, anorexia, tingling, coolish, bronchitis, pall, iciness, cool off, nipping, panic, glacial, glum, fright, cold-blooded, morose, sharp, butchery, boot, murky, leave, carve, elegiac, solemn, cloudy, aetiology, cut off, ice-cold, flush, terrify, lugubrious, complication, botulism, indifferent, idle away, awesome, dreary, frisson, cold-eyed, bake, vibration, glacial, gelid, eerie, rest, unapproachable, dreich, lounge around, recharge your batteries, gelid, sepulchral, reserved, tingle, bite, chilling, thrill, antiseptic, sit back, drapery, coldish, shudder, shivering, clammy, remote, depressive, beat, rush, altitude sickness, break up, menacing, fear, fall out, drop, frighten, defriend, bleak, horror, ague, relax, comfortless, withdrawn, wind down, shake up, winding-clothes, sunless, trembling, disconsolate, bitter, bask, charge, blood poisoning, dehydration, unsympathetic, frigidness, appendicitis, shake, shivery, desolate, pathology, chilled/frozen to the bone, forlorn, godforsaken, quiver, beriberi, hard-eyed, attitude, black, dark, plutonian, bitter, dire, raw, laze, hot, offish, lonesome, shiver, finish with, etiology, drape, ghastly, freezing, cool down, tenebrific, unfriendly, prickling, coldish, distant, tenebrous, palpitation.
Examples of usage:
  1. A chill ran down his back, and then an angry flush mounted to his brow. - "John March, Southerner", George W. Cable.
  2. Perhaps got a chill, eh? - "A Mysterious Disappearance", Gordon Holmes.
  3. Why did her cheeks and lips suddenly become chill and pallid? - "Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale", Ida Glenwood.

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