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Spell check of childhood

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Correct spelling:
State or time of being a child.
Other synonyms:
immaturity, nonage, juvenility, pubescence, development, growing years, babyish, minority, childlike, puerility, the cradle, boyhood, girlhood, teens, springtime, puberty, adolescence, developmental, juniority, childishness, early years, childish, babyhood, early, pupilage, youth, nursery days, school days, tender age.
Examples of usage:
  1. There is doubt it is more difficult in India than at home to obey the command of childhood: " to behave pretty and be a lady." no one's - "Olivia in India", O. Douglas.
  2. As I crossed the park wall, I glanced back upon the companions of my childhood, and the tears ran down my cheeks as I turned away from them for ever. - "The Boy Tar", Mayne Reid.
  3. It was now all as familiar to her as if she had known it from childhood, and everything was in perfect order. - "Timar's Two Worlds", Mór Jókai.

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