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Spell check of checker

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Correct spelling:
To mark with squares like a chess- board; to diversify.
variegate (verb)
color, streak, striate, colorize, check, marble, fleck, tessellate, dapple, freckle, stripe.
Other synonyms:
see to it, ensure, look into, chess, bagger, controller, watch, check, check over, discipline, see, hold back, check out, cashier, curb, break, tick, control, department of weights and measures, ascertain, determine, inspector, find out, tally, assure, suss out, condition, drummer, stop, chequer, contain, examiner, validator, checking department, retard, arrest, tallier, check off, check into, insure, hold in, match, checking staff, fit, Chinese checkers, tick off, checkers, examining officer, agree, hawker, correspond, clerk, crack, buyer, board game, turn back, tally man, booking clerk, delay, go over, mark off, learn, auctioneer, checkerboard, mark, moderate, hold, check up on, greeter, counter, gibe, backgammon, domino, jibe, train, rechecker, bagatelle.
Examples of usage:
  1. The Wayne checker shrugged. - "Police Your Planet", Lester del Rey.
  2. The ground rises in slow marked, like a checker- board, with sugar- cane fields. undulations, - "Plotting in Pirate Seas", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.
  3. The checker at the door of s palatial boarding- house further taxed his time. Polkadot’ - "Lonesome Town", Ethel and James Dorrance.

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