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Correct spelling:
A term in chess; restraint; mark of verification; order for money; a checkered fabric.
Side of the face.
To restrain; hinder; to mark with a check.
negate (verb)
renounce, reverse, deny, dispute, repudiate, nullify, overturn, invalidate, disavow, disprove, negate, disclaim, efface, contradict, cancel, counterwork, counterbalance, disaffirm, invert.
hinder (verb)
restrain, tangle, oppose, jam, bottleneck, cripple, foul, fetter, complicate, brake, bung, frustrate, hinder, constrain, plug, impair, counter, drag, restrict, resist, hamstring, congest, impede, burden, block, hamper, paralyze, stay, choke, snarl, deter, entangle, handicap, entrap, snag, constipate, dam, curb, detain, baffle, crimp, bar, cramp, clog, mire, delay, obstruct, interrupt, thwart, inhibit, stop, catch, encumber.
oppose (verb)
repel, counteract, object, oppress, defy, meddle, interfere, repress, challenge, fight, inhibit, intercept, disagree, dispute, antagonize, impede, oppose, resist, contradict, repulse, hinder, rebuff, protest, counterattack, counter, confront, conflict, obstruct, suppress, cross.
blemish (verb)
splotch, abrade, scuff, spoil, score, mar, scrape, deface, flaw, scratch, kink, dot, fracture, speck, stain, damage, freckle, distort, notch, blister, hack, slit, nick, pockmark, scar, deform, disfigure, defect, chip, discolor, hurt, taint, crack, blemish, fleck, tarnish, spot, mark, gash, blot.
ascertain (verb)
prove, confirm, determine, substantiate, assure, verify, establish, certify, find out, double-check, demonstrate, audit, ascertain.
money (noun)
treasure, coinage, petty cash, bankroll, swag, promissory note, worth, gold, bond, bill, cash, income, capital, bullion, greenback, sterling, issue, proceeds, funds, copper, change, money, note, money order, currency, scratch, wad, coupon, receipts, net worth, fortune, wampum, gross, stock, profit, moolah, wallet, lucre, ingot, wealth, bank note, spending money, pounds, IOU, balance sheet, purse, ways and means, pocket money, draft, wherewithal, assets, dough, nugget, silver, dollar, loot.
list (noun)
tablet, scrapbook, docket, pad, thesaurus, storybook, invoice, bank-book, schedule, roster, registry, summary, daybook, inventory, menu, account, file, yearbook, statement, manifest, register, roll, recording, novel, book, diary, lexicon, dictionary, annual, notebook, store, collection, count, log, waybill, documentation, index, total, budget, workbook, blank-book, census, detail, bill, cash book, digest, enumeration, tabulate, treasury, record, score, ledger, sum, journal, logbook, list, scroll, catalog, calendar, itemization, album, table, chronicle, annals, repertory, history, recount, tally.
list (verb)
summarize, document, total, account, log, enumerate, recount, store, invoice, collect, chronicle, score, tally, schedule, journalize, table, note, digest, index, list, catalog, tabulate, budget, detail, register, inventory, book, file, record, itemize, audit, count.
blemish (noun)
splotch, nick, mar, wart, imperfection, gash, speck, discoloration, fault, scar, score, distortion, defect, eyesore, abrasion, weal, chip, blemish, scrape, dot, blotch, blister, slit, hack, crack, hurt, spot, fleck, scuff, stigma, kink, spoilage, sore, flaw, brand, drawback, hole, pockmark, damage, scratch, disfigurement, tarnish, scab, notch, deformity, freckle, lesion, fracture, mark, rift, defacement, blot, stain, impurity.
dissuade (verb)
intimidate, prevent, deflect, ban, disincline, dishearten, inhibit, bar, daunt, deter, chill, depress, divert, admonish, dampen, avert, restrain, dissuade, discourage, derail.
reject (verb)
curtail, excrete, evacuate, disapprove, disallow, junk, reject, exhaust, disclaim, eject, lop, deny, cut, discard, snip, crop, shed, spew, bar, deep-six, oppugn, vomit, exclude, jettison, abandon, scrap, exude, clip, jilt, secrete, drain, disgorge, cull, chop, trash, vent, belch, discharge, blackball, blacklist, emit, shear, ejaculate, eliminate, excise, erupt, seep.
examine (verb)
contemplate, study, consider, peruse, observe, review, survey, verify, examine, inspect, scrutinize, scan.
experiment (verb)
assay, test, analyze, investigate, experiment, probe, try, verify, benchmark, determine, research, prove.
variegate (verb)
color, streak, striate, colorize, checker, marble, fleck, tessellate, dapple, freckle, stripe.
Other synonyms:
stop, suss out, break, assay, tab, bank check, check into, contain, match, control, chip, crack, check out, check over, arrest, go over, balk, chit, see, stoppage, correspond, look into, handicap, jibe, determine, agree, discipline, cheque, tally, turn back, checkout, ascertain, halt, gibe, hold in, stay, hold back, hold, bridle, impediment, check mark, checker, check up on, find out, hitch, chequer, check-out procedure, baulk, substantiation, fit, deterrent, curb, confirmation, delay, learn, verification, moderate, condition, watch, retard, hindrance.
Examples of usage:
  1. It's just a check. - "The Devil's Garden", W. B. Maxwell.
  2. If they have pass- book, how do they check it? 9360. no - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
  3. Do they come to check it generally themselves, or do they have pass- books? 9359. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.

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