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Spell check of Chastising

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Correct spelling:
penalizing (verb)
judging, disciplining, encumbering, penalizing, burdening, punishing, forfeiting, deducting, handicapping, fining, discounting, correcting, abating.
disapproving (verb)
reproaching, castigating, blaming, denouncing, chiding, scorning, denigrating, deriding, discrediting, vilifying, renouncing, censuring, disparaging, defiling, chastening, disapproving, admonishing, defaming, criticizing, upbraiding, deprecating, condemning.
punishing (verb)
reprising, judging, avenging, chastening, persecuting, keelhauling, castigating, disciplining, imprisoning, agonizing, executing, sentencing, distressing, penalizing, incarcerating, crucifying, fining, punishing, burdening, anguishing, pillorying, correcting, confining, torturing, afflicting, trying, lambasting.
Other synonyms:
corrective, penal, correctional, disciplinary.
Examples of usage:
  1. Oh, if ye pity me, chastising powers, And thou, the Genius of my land, revenge, Revenge this crime on all their heads at once! - "The Seven Plays in English Verse", Sophocles.
  2. To the elder shall be assigned the duty of ruling and chastising the younger. - "Plato's Republic", Plato.
  3. Over all this story the unseen Hand hovers, chastising, guiding, impelling; and the human agents are free and yet fulfilling an eternal purpose, blind and yet accountable, responsible for motives, and mercifully ignorant of consequences. - "Expositions of Holy Scripture Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers", Alexander Maclaren.

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