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Correct spelling:
To claim; to summon to a contest; to object to.
confutation (noun)
rejoinder, disaffirmation, disavowal, dispute, refutation, repudiation, conflict, rebuttal, contradiction, invalidation, abnegation, denial, repeal, abrogation, confutation.
confrontation (noun)
encounter, defiance, conflict, clash, engagement, confrontation, dispute.
confute (verb)
contradict, repeal, disprove, disavow, rejoin, disaffirm, invalidate, negate, rebut, dispute, repudiate, confute, deny, abrogate, conflict, abnegate, refute.
oppose (verb)
repel, counteract, object, oppress, defy, meddle, interfere, repress, check, fight, inhibit, intercept, disagree, dispute, antagonize, impede, oppose, resist, contradict, repulse, hinder, rebuff, protest, counterattack, counter, confront, conflict, obstruct, suppress, cross.
disagree (verb)
dissent, dispute, demur, clash, bicker, contend, object, oppose, complain, differ, repudiate, antagonize, collide, argue, reject, defy, conflict, disagree.
disagreement (noun)
opposition, disagreement, dispute, dissent, nonagreement, repudiation, conflict, divisiveness, defiance, disunity, argument, disaccord, rejection, complaint, contention.
counteract (verb)
offset, counteract, defy, tamper, interfere, neutralize, meddle, oppose, counterwork, contradict.
counteraction (noun)
neutralization, defiance, contradiction, opposition, counteraction, counterwork.
opposition (noun)
repression, disagreement, defiance, objection, obstinacy, counteraction, hindrance, adversary, protest, friction, resistance, dispute, interference, obstruction, impediment, opposition, contradiction, inhibition, counterattack, confrontation, antagonism, rebuff, fight, suppression, repulsion, conflict.
defy (verb)
face, counteract, cross, rebel, confront, resist, defy, counter, dissent, dare, countermand, contravene, affront.
confront (verb)
encounter, deal with, confront, brave, face, dare, defy.
question (verb)
quiz, seek, examine, catechize, poll, investigate, question, contemplate, dispute, interpolate, debate, explore, query, ask, delve, canvass, survey, probe, interrogate, inquire.
Other synonyms:
appellant, case, sample, ban, breach, leading question, gainsay, exertion, try out, trouble, offend, jostle, close season, the accused, crash-test, undertaking, rhetorical question, argufy, knot, flout, Cup, defendant, put through, care, squawk, the court, scrap, hurdle, veto, put to, work, difficulty, protestation, expert witness, questionnaire, hold on, dedication, heavy lifting, interview, summons, compete, pick someone's brains, provocation, aggrieved, championship, refusal, contest, disobey, inquiry, exception, battle, try, infringe, pursuit, trial, interrogation, expostulation, attack, violate, altercate, put someone/something to the test, alibi, pilot, the Commonwealth Games, kick, dismissal, call, support, remonstrance, silence, bye, take on, demurral, complainant, put someone on the spot, quarrel, crown, remonstration, fuss, stink, request, demand, strain, break, combat, take exception, demurrer, vie, card, test, nut, effort, dispute, matter.
Examples of usage:
  1. He allowed the challenge to pass and went out. - "In the Brooding Wild", Ridgwell Cullum.
  2. He remembered how she seemed to have been talking to the Third just before the challenge. - "Evil Out of Onzar", Mark Ganes.
  3. This was certainly throwing the lady a bold challenge, seeing he was going to spend the night in her room. - "David Elginbrod", George MacDonald.

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