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Spell check of cello

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Correct spelling:
musical instrument (noun)
harp, violin, clarinet, English horn, trumpet, viola, fiddle, violincello, alto saxophone, guitar, drum, harpsichord, oboe, horn, tenor saxophone, electric piano, piano, organ, keyboard, electric guitar, recorder, classical guitar, flute, bass, harmonica, piccolo, trombone, banjo, French horn, saxophone, bassoon.
musical instruments (noun)
barrel organ, bagpipes, air guitar, accordion, bass guitar, baby grand, balalaika.
Other synonyms:
Examples of usage:
  1. Cicero, Pro M. Marcello, ix. - "Eighteenth Century Essays on Shakespeare", D. Nichol Smith.
  2. It represented four musicians intent upon playing a bass viol, a cello, a violin, and a flute; a few of the company standing near by with curls and puffed coiffures, and among them a tiny man, side- whiskered, so short that he barely reached the shoulders of the ladies. - "A Portrait of Old George Town", Grace Dunlop Ecker.
  3. The opposite, twigs of the ash sing like the cello, and the tones of the alternate spray of the lindens are finer, like the viola. widespreading - "Some Winter Days in Iowa", Frederick John Lazell.

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