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Spell check of Ceased

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Correct spelling:
died (verb)
passed on, expired, fell, perished, departed, succumbed, passed, ended, passed away, parted, fallen, died, deceased.
resigned (verb)
vacated, relinquished, renounced, resigned, terminated, withdrew, accepted, surrendered, discontinued, retired, abandoned, rejected, withdrawn, abdicated, disclaimed.
ceased (verb)
remitted, refrained, interrupted, closed, broken, ended, stayed, stopped, desisted, paused, terminated, abandoned, culminated, broke, suspended, halted, discontinued, quit.
ceased (adjective)
stopped, halted, interrupted, paused, stayed, terminated, closed, refrained, discontinued, quit, abandoned, ended, suspended, broken, culminated.
stopped (verb)
stopped, held, ended, terminated, stayed, halted, froze, frozen, paused.
gave up (verb)
desisted, surrendered, abandoned, quit, given up, relinquished, withdrawn, withdrew, discontinued, gave up, stopped, resigned.
ended (verb)
terminated, checkmated, capped, expired, concluded, winded up, exited, finished, passed away, wrapped up, stopped, closed, passed on, ended, completed, halted, accomplished, died, deceased, wound up, finalized, culminated.
Examples of usage:
  1. The movement ceased. man's - "The Heart of Unaga", Ridgwell Cullum.
  2. But at the end even this ceased. week's - "John Halifax, Gentleman", Dinah Maria Mulock Craik.
  3. And yet he had ceased to write that they might come more. no - "The Dop Doctor", Clotilde Inez Mary Graves.

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