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Spell check of Caught

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Correct spelling:
Of to catch.
taken (adjective)
reaped, amassed, acquired, gotten, bagged, taken, gathered, harvested, levied, under arrest at arrest, procured, annexed, nabbed, confiscated, appropriated, impounded, abducted, commandeered, collected, usurped, grabbed, captured.
took (verb)
annexed, captured, usurped, got, acquired, monopolized, confiscated, taken, amassed, grabbed, levied, impounded, commandeered, nabbed, procured, reaped, appropriated, took, harvested, bagged, collected, deprived, gathered, abducted.
acquired (verb)
secured, reaped, bagged, bought, added, incurred, claimed, scored, captured, harvested, lured, heaped, garnered, took, collected, taken, procured, purchased, landed, won, pocketed, retrieved, acquired, annexed, wrangled, netted, obtained, got, palmed, assumed, accumulated, received, amassed, gotten, cornered, fetched.
hindered (verb)
restrained, tangled, opposed, jammed, bottlenecked, crippled, fouled, fettered, complicated, braked, bunged, frustrated, hindered, constrained, plugged, impaired, countered, dragged, restricted, resisted, hamstrung, congested, impeded, burdened, blocked, hampered, paralyzed, stayed, choked, snarled, deterred, entangled, handicapped, entrapped, snagged, constipated, dammed, curbed, detained, baffled, crimped, barred, cramped, clogged, mired, delayed, obstructed, interrupted, thwarted, inhibited, stopped, checked, encumbered.
captured (verb)
snared, seized, obtained, arrested, apprehended, got, snatched, taken, collared, occupied, won, abducted, captured, achieved, took, gotten, gained, secured.
Other synonyms:
deadlocked, gravid, big, gone, enceinte, confined, out of your depth, jailed, expecting, in deep trouble, embroiled, oppressed, incarcerated, up against something, pressed, stuck, expectant, imprisoned, worse off, quick, heavy, beleaguered, interned.
Examples of usage:
  1. He caught her look and laughed. - "The Everlasting Whisper", Jackson Gregory.
  2. If he were seen- if he were caught! - "The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale", Frank L. Packard.
  3. Only just caught the train. - "The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories", Arnold Bennett.

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