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Correct spelling:
A throw; turn; appearance; form given by a mould.
To throw; reckon; mould.
propelled (verb)
slung, projected, flicked, catapulted, shunted, bunted, pitched, prodded, canted, compelled, rammed, goaded, propelled, pelted, fired, precipitated, thrust, flung, threw, shoved, lobbed, butted, tossed, chucked, heaved, driven, launched, thrown, hurled, pushed, impelled, bowled, drove.
represent (verb)
represent, outline, illustrate, photograph, copy, replicate, depict, approximate, silhouette, ape, simulate, imitate, render, portray, model, duplicate.
represented (verb)
represented, outlined, illustrated, photographed, copied, replicated, depicted, approximated, silhouetted, aped, simulated, imitated, rendered, portrayed, modeled, duplicated.
categorize (verb)
sort, pigeonhole, group, assort, label, order, categorize, class, brand, classify, arrange, stamp, designate, type.
propel (verb)
launch, thrust, catapult, flick, sling, throw, fling, toss, bowl, hurl, compel, lob, precipitate, pelt, shove, fire, project, prod, pitch, drive, push, chuck, goad, butt, impel, propel, shunt, bunt, heave, ram, cant.
sculpted (verb)
carved, sculpted, bronzed, molded.
order (verb)
right, plot, control, place, marshal, rank, plan, settle, structure, schedule, unsnarl, rationalize, order, array, separate, score, systematize, balance, sift, organize, schematize, screen, set, design, subordinate, devise, mediate, rate, program, regulate, pigeonhole, type, class, adjust, arrange, group, harmonize, scheme, form, stratify, normalize, methodize, fix, support, stabilize, chart, frame, prepare, compose, orchestrate, classify, sort, collate, integrate, unify, establish, maintain, shape, grade, categorize.
sculpture (noun)
bust, molding, relief, cameo, bronze, mannequin, figure, statue, carving, figurine, sculpture.
appearance (noun)
countenance, view, form, figure, spectacle, display, look, mien, shape, image, vista, bearing, demeanor, appearance, aspect, air, show.
categorized (verb)
sorted, pigeonholed, grouped, assorted, labeled, ordered, categorized, classed, branded, classified, arranged, stamped, designated, typed.
attribute (verb)
assign, refer, brand, blame, place, attribute, connect, credit, impute, cite, set, ascribe, attach, acknowledge, apply, accredit, mark.
representation (noun)
replica, facsimile, statue, analogy, miniature, figurine, pastiche, rendering, imitation, depiction, copy, portrayal, snapshot, picture, likeness, representation, model, effigy, illustration, metaphor, carving, silhouette, cartoon, duplication, photograph, image, bust, idol, outline, impression, approximation, drawing.
sculpt (verb)
carve, sculpt, bronze, mold.
attributed (verb)
assigned, referred, branded, blamed, placed, attributed, connected, credited, imputed, cited, set, ascribed, attached, acknowledged, applied, accredited, marked.
ordered (verb)
righted, plotted, controlled, placed, marshalled, ranked, planned, settled, structured, scheduled, unsnarled, rationalized, ordered, arrayed, separated, scored, systematized, balanced, sifted, organized, schematized, screened, set, designed, subordinated, devised, mediated, rated, programmed, regulated, pigeonholed, typed, classed, adjusted, arranged, grouped, harmonized, schemed, formed, stratified, normalized, methodized, fixed, supported, stabilized, charted, framed, prepared, composed, orchestrated, classified, sorted, collated, integrated, unified, established, maintained, shaped, graded, categorized.
Other synonyms:
look around, angling, tint, curlicue, throw, freewheel, regurgitate, take up, hold, actor, drift, tincture, seethe, visage, knock off, forecasting, paradiddle, prognostic, externals, splint, lay, project, forge, Capricorn, dispose, trace, emit, slog, forecast, projection, prognostication, claw, pad, deem, roll up, degenerate, moulding, pull out, tinge, plaster cast, tincture, throw out, switch, shape, determine, throw up, capital goods, contour, visualize, astrologer, gyre, geometry, sparkle, human body, contrive, face, predicting, variant, comedian, upchuck, roam, hurl, formulate, flesh, axial rotation, miss, set out, irradiate, overleap, classification, jut out, tot, vaticination, send packing, lay out, roll out, dressing, quest, sink, digress, strain, commit, miscast, pour forth, bodement, send away, roll, coil, pull back, bod, protrude, dramatis personae, whorl, flip, gore, postage, zero in, scroll, line, tender, avow, auguring, curl, soothsaying, characterize, taxonomy, gander, regorge, scour, forecast, form, invent, the casting couch, hue, pestle, attract, pluck, add, go through, verify, expend, cronk, drop down, capture, catch the light, mold, drip, bracket, draw and quarter, sight, glimpse, set up, trudge, spew, entrap, cast-off, give, pretermit, cast of characters, confuse, peek, crop, barf, straddle, manakin, var., position, aim, get out, descriptor, direct, axial motion, glance, troupe, run, propose, swan, wander, the factory floor, bewilder, drag, bankroll, spend, purify, prognosis, prognostication, under/in the guise of, point, dress rehearsal, flash, inspect, locker room, propulsion, fashion, guide, fashion, blend, reap, fuddle, swing, redact, augury, sick, weave, draw up, production line, blaze, moult, dart, glimpse, hunt, discard, prognosis, casting, throw away, fancy, increase, number, work out, swear, recast, cuckold, influence, cast out, strike down, cheat on, foretelling, dangle, edit, Cancer, face, neglect, confound, move, externalise, wave, overlook, puke, have, hurtle, forecasting, face, shade, aver, take in, peek, bun, regard, quarter, physical body, peep, visage, browse, flap, course, bandage, condition, cast aside, hustle, toss out, meander, pull in, purge, make, shooting, withdraw, puff, wrap, excogitate, cut down, manikin, gander, eye, glance, forecasting, disembowel, be sick, unload, foretelling, sight, work, forecast, totalize, sop up, tincture, pull, cat, geometry, sum up, eviscerate, set down, roster, assert, cipher, put down, beep, rove, revolve, regard, tone, variety, corset, call/bring/throw something into question, bemuse, staff, put away, wind, frame in, divagate, prophecy, mockup, blare, fashion, plod, jog, bodement, pose, drum roll, chuck out, exuviate, sight, call something into question/doubt, affirm, shine, vagabond, envision, put, throw-off, reckon, calculate, material body, expulsion, gander, Gemini, slough, predicting, compute, augury, cheat, reproduce, mildew, soak up, blow, Aquarius, word form, graze, molt, chassis, check on, imbibe, couch, reason, twine, embodiment, radiate, suck, flatten, discharge, visage, beach, expression, turn, audition, frame, rolling, thread, head, discombobulate, prognosticating, count, tie, consider, cane, pattern, spue, account, astrology, shoot, drop, cross section, deteriorate, peal, disgorge, cotton, get, ramble, peep, ptyalize, glimpse, category, bristle, total, bedevil, frame up, gaze, spit, devolve, flush, big game, vaticination, burrow, cardboard cut-out, glare, styling, seal, anatomy, chuck, bodement, act, delineate, eruct, glow, range, absorb, sum, blood sports, ditch, externalize, border, fell, effect, search, jut, invest, revenue stamp, cutaway, physique, presaging, prophecy, describe, assembly line, surface, augury, drop off, cotton ball, bag, comic, ringlet, company, shake someone's belief/confidence/faith, prophecy, conjurer, stare, conceive, artiste, disposition, escape from, send off, visualise, soothsaying, mannikin, artist, retch, vaticination, mould, spew out, read for, presaging, estimate, vomit up, err, buck, rolling wave, examine, sanctify, toss away, prognostication, dope out, clown, conformation, prognostic, predicting, gag, conveyor belt, cast away, Aries, bite, see, lunge, auguring, level, dismiss, stray, braces, prognosticating, collar, eye, configuration, ejection, befuddle, seek, be adrift, frisk, actress, method, survey, quality control, comedienne, roller, expression, glance, auguring, stick out, pasture, clay sculpture, presaging, draw off, wheel, prognosis, kind, foretelling, prognosticating, grouping, shake off, vomit, regard, suck up, eye, pass, soothsaying, tinge, ptyalise, formed, enumerate, spill, light, prognostic, legal tender, expression, postage stamp, flare, tramp, train, toot, canteen, strategize, force, claxon, shed, sow fear/doubt/confusion etc., tinge, compress, blueprint, fox, dribble, shot, peep, string, omit, complexion, dash, phase, peek, gleam, pat, geometry, draw, astrological, modeling, bait, draw in, footslog, conveyor, color, ensnare, plaster bandage, acrobat, betray, exploded, foot, build, Band-Aid, turn over, signifier, pealing, undulate, shake, honk, take out, ramble on, shy, float, leave out, stamp, soma.
Examples of usage:
  1. It was not hate that had cast out fear. - "Weighed and Wanting", George MacDonald.
  2. I do not suppose my father cast a second glance or thought on the boy, whom, from a sense of common justice, he had made take shelter beside us. - "John Halifax, Gentleman", Dinah Maria Mulock Craik.
  3. Permit me to tell you that you don't yet understand the life you wish to cast away. - "The Children of the World", Paul Heyse.

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