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talk, public speaking, address, sermon, monologue, the Pledge of Allegiance, presentation, speech.


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Spell check of carry on

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Correct spelling:
carry on
Other synonyms:
press, keep up, march on, address, offer, farce, circus, share, administer, press ahead, occur, lot, come on, overlook, refer, date, sell, shell out, run, manifest, air rage, voice, dole out, disarray, go along, impact, stay, display, mete out, render, conduct, come to, fall out, care, contend, persevere, grapple, holdall, flow, stay the course, carry, keep going, bear on, bear, happen, portmanteau, pertain, advance, cope, baggage allowance, treat, dally with, move on, tumult, direct, make out, defend, handbag, withhold, look at, sustain, manage, superintend, distribute, keep, chaos, touch, give away, pass on, observe, come up, detain, go with, bear upon, affect, pass off, raise hell, comport, refrain, fulfil, go together, control, celebrate, administrate, raise Cain, go forward, deal out, stay on, guard, lead, relate, airline, wallet, cover, get by, obey, retain, allot, maintain, baggage storage, show, continue, supervise, concern, rage, preside, proceed, carryall, keep on, save, act out, touch on, tend, handle, misbehave, three-ring circus, court, get on, act up, restrain, surrender, uphold, support, aerial, express yourself, muddle, govern, mayhem, suitcase, cohabit, have-to doe with, conserve, grip, trade, channel, rigamarole, deport, dispense, plow, engage in, acquit, go out, deal, divvy up, hap, oversee, air mile, make no secret of something, forge ahead, portion out, impart, operate, transmit, behave, airlink, make do, cheat, head, convey, go on, come about, follow through, accompanied baggage, pass, preserve, persist, steward, hold, progress, apportion, achieve, go, remain, fool around, take place, consider, airfare, protect, endure, move, maelstrom, regulate, walk on, take, baggage check, push, parcel out, dish out, guide, extend, persist in.

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