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Spell check of carry

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Correct spelling:
To bear; convey; lead; effect; conquer; behave.
bring (verb)
attract, induce, adduce, convey, conduct, draw, transfer, transport, bear, bring, impart, fetch.
carry (verb)
transfer, shift, move, cart, remove, send, deliver, dispatch, convey, express, bear, transmit, haul, transport.
ship (verb)
transport, ship, forward, convey, truck, haul, transfer.
Other synonyms:
take to the woods, heavy with child, notice, get behind, get in with, trickle, airlock, bring along, be zealous, stick out, target, filter, moderate, embrace, blitz, hold in, canalise, put out, exhibit, buckle up, throttle, perform, brook, spread, ravish, view as, poke out, abstain, let down, read, carry out, halt, necessitate, drool, excited, ask, canalize, deal, station, reach, reelect, get hold of, rate, prop up, get through, adjudge, sweeten up, convey, clear, piece, lug, splash, bring through, cross-fertilize, communicate, hire, drivel, possess, choose, utter, be, gestate, stretch forth, strike, wad, shake, launch, canvass, widen, persuade, return, harbor, accept, take for, express, concur, claim, involve, run for, print, get in, retail, bear the responsibility, noticeboard, enthrall, gallop, dominate, draw out, chromosome, air, obligate, get noticed, scarper, heavily pregnant, consider, peddle, convert, curb, yield, cutoff, take the lead, look at, shore, cause, step, suffer, add, climb, spoil, stretch out, bring in, lenient, assume, cross-fertilization, represent, wear, help out, press out, withdraw, push, excite, quit, melt, hold back, mount, deem, assoil, pay, contract, agree, enrapture, pile, count against, train, throng, channelise, reserve, bowl, ladder, exile, unfold, conceptualize, deoxyribonucleic acid, demand, hunt, check, assist, publish, sustain, turn tail, cesspit, stage, garner, slabber, take over, owned, extract, procure, secure, take, act, import, turn back, accept/face the consequences, light, compute, sprout, underpin, continue, flow, shore up, bring around, hawk, entertain, strengthen, maintain, extend, campaign, lead, catch, admit, hump, stretch, behave, depth, tell, bring, tolerate, sway, reckon, mail, acquit, restrain, inhibit, lend, tamp down, serialize, take hold, hairsbreadth, give tongue to, take charge (of), burden, elect, range, sound, exsert, tote, benefit, call for, bleed, hold up, speak for, stay, tingle, have a bun in the oven, operate, brand, sell, be given, display, convoy, exact, help, embarrass, bring over, digest, film, die hard, allow, have got, expatriate, acquire, bolster, slobber, anticipate, exonerate, drip, hold out, broadcast, backfield, uphold, pass on, wait, over, obtain, sweep to/from power, expect, encompass, displace, harbour, bus, experience, transport, hold on, exemplary, scat, bootleg, verbalize, cross, mild, fill, stockpile, in the family way, win, escape, grow in, convey, prevail, consume, back up, keep out, conduct, apply, concord, abide, accommodate, land, lean, conduit, execute, hold tight, get excited, put in, grip, support, channel, pursue, pull down, infect, stop, win over, course, incline, guide, beam, bundle, blackball, bind, put up, accompanied, assess, extradite, broaden, confine, lubricate, go for, conceive, subsume, cloning, ingest, bristle with, ply, unravel, shoot, do, hunt down, carrier, endure, put through, swing, head for the hills, thrill, load down, capture, keep hold of something, defy, relocate, carve up, jam, blockage, clutch, demean, place, subscribe, break, shine through, pack, need, project, clog, stare someone in the face, feel, electrify, culvert, evince, attain, start, stand out, end zone, drop, rent, persist, exculpate, tamp, bunk, give, contribute, backpack, adopt, contain, take away, keep back, walk away with, direct, discharge, prolong, calculate, function, come by, answer for, go about, birth, declare, compact, drive, help along, undergird, qualify, deport, schlep, bestow, mob, radius, bring up against, black market, provide, defend, cover, control, tend, succeed, strain, brace, book, deal in, let yourself go, no, give birth, leave, take on, enthral, encourage, conceptualise, permit, rock, hold, run away, incorporate, stand out in a crowd, remove, slaver, number, be burdened with something, oblige, directory, banner, be expecting (a baby), charter, conversion kick, clone, play, seem, expand, defeat, get across, stand for, estimate, melt down, entail, leap out at, take in, await, car-pool, carry on, break someone's fall, box in, post, be meant to do something, ferry, channelize, subscribe to, use up, occupy, buy in, have, stomach, just, grab, consort, arrest, open up, study, cradle, guard, disadvantage, pregnant, expectant, move, hightail it, pick out, penal, make, determine, give up to, be exuberant, block in, count, take aim, add up, turn out, enchant, transplant, reason with, freight, throw, be with child, woo, overflow, end, show, bag, race, jump out at, engage, comprehend, bear, transmit, stock up, disclose, offer, nurse, auction, require, disciplinary, lam, stand, realize, portage, verbalise, knowledge, ballot, grasp, lease, waft, dribble, downspout, learn, change down, bulletin board, retain, blooming, take up, lift, feed, pass, reap, go around, go to press, keep, work, shoulder, delight, postulate, prop, look, bear, steady yourself, state, protract, run, gain, relay, select, burn, break away, withstand, develop, go, hang on, knock down, submit, get, leap off the page, prove, comprise, let, aim, transmit, track down, stock, buttress, fly the coop, plaque, board, comport, plague, report, bypass, American football, reach out, stake.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Let me help you carry it," he said. - "The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him", Paul Leicester Ford.
  2. And it will easily carry all of us!" - "The Flood", Emile Zola.
  3. And why don't you men carry yourself like here? Cibber - "Peg Woffington", Charles Reade.

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