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Spell check of caramel

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Correct spelling:
candy (noun)
rock candy, taffy, gumdrop, candy, mint, marshmallow, peppermint, chocolate, fudge, lollipop, chocolate bar, jujube, peanut brittle, bonbon, divinity, butterscotch, toffee, nougat, lozenge, licorice.
Other synonyms:
devotee, azure, caramelized sugar, alabaster, amber, banana split, caramel brown, baby-blue, choc-ice, Christmas pudding, yellowish brown, angelica, beige, cake, chromatic, brown sugar, bluish, candy apple, fan, candy cane, buffer, candyfloss, center, bubble gum, blue, black, candy bar, lover, apple pie, buff, carob, chew, avocado, amethyst, raw sienna.
Examples of usage:
  1. 13. The solubility of caramel. - "School and Home Cooking", Carlotta C. Greer.
  2. There are half a dozen other terms and experiments for testing the various thickness of the boiling sugar towards the consistency called caramel; but that degree of sugar- boiling belongs to the confectioner. - "The Book of Household Management", Mrs. Isabella Beeton.
  3. " To celebrate our release from bondage," laughed Gloriana, browning the sugar for a caramel pudding, while Tabitha carefully concocted her best layer cake. - "Tabitha's Vacation", Ruth Alberta Brown.

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