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Spell check of calipers

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Correct spelling:
Compasses with bent legs.
tools (noun)
staplers, lathes, handsaws, hoes, lug wrenches, shears, saws, keyhole saws, cold chisels, grapnels, table saws, emery wheels, ball-peen hammers, hatchets, vises, augers, monkey wrenches, machetes, pliers, bench drills, picks, hacksaws, snips, circular saws, back saws, jigsaws, drill presses, punches, posthole augers, hedge trimmers, scroll saws, tools, sickles, coping saws, chain saws, ripsaws, awls, drills, chisels, shovels, pipe wrenches, bow saws, miter boxes, spanners, sledgehammers, band saws, screwdrivers, buzz saws, wedges, welders, planers, arc welders, tin snips, jointers, squares, spoke shaves, claw hammers, pickaxes, axes, spades, tire irons, planes, mallets, wrenches, wrecking bars, scissors, scythes, files, gouges, crowbars, levels, hammers, edgers, jackknives, radial arm saws, crosscut saws, trowels, grindstones, knives.
gauges (noun)
tape measures, yardsticks, lines, rulers, transits, straightedges, T squares, scales, micrometers, rods, squares, protractors, rules, dials, compasses, levels, gauges, logs, sextants.
tool (noun)
stapler, lathe, handsaw, hoe, lug wrench, shears, saw, keyhole saw, cold chisel, grapnel, table saw, emery wheel, ball-peen hammer, hatchet, vise, auger, monkey wrench, machete, pliers, bench drill, pickax, hacksaw, snips, circular saw, back saw, jigsaw, drill, punch, posthole auger, hedge trimmer, scroll saw, tool, sickle, coping saw, chain saw, ripsaw, awl, drill press, chisel, shovel, pipe wrench, bow saw, miter box, spanner, sledgehammer, band saw, screwdriver, buzz saw, wedge, welder, plane, arc welder, tin snips, jointer, square, spoke shave, claw hammer, pick, axe, spade, tire iron, planer, mallet, wrench, wrecking bar, scissors, scythe, file, gouge, crowbar, level, hammer, edger, jackknife, radial arm saw, crosscut saw, trowel, grindstone, knife.
gauge (noun)
transit, vernier, protractor, gauge, square, sextant, tape measure, level, micrometer, ruler, line, rod, T square, compass, log, dial, yardstick, straightedge, scale, rule.
Other synonyms:
caliper, calliper, callipers.
Examples of usage:
  1. Designed for convenience, few tools illustrate better the aesthetic of the purely functional than this pair of 19th- century American calipers. - "Woodworking Tools 1600-1900", Peter C. Welsh.
  2. So far as the diameter of a thread is concerned it may be measured by calipers applied between the threads as in Figs. - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II", Joshua Rose.
  3. Either inside calipers or a surface gauge may be employed to set E E parallel to the chuck plate surface. - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II", Joshua Rose.

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