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Correct spelling:
A register of successive days; an almanac.
chronicle (noun)
record, newsletter, biography, book, anecdote, history, catalog, recital, cashbook, enumeration, inventory, epic, description, scrapbook, chronicle, register, memorandum, narrative, index, statement, memo, notebook, album, autobiography, yearbook, journal, ledger, diary, log, bank-book, account, newspaper, archive, docket, chronology, daybook.
list (noun)
tablet, scrapbook, docket, pad, thesaurus, storybook, invoice, bank-book, schedule, roster, registry, summary, daybook, inventory, menu, account, file, yearbook, statement, manifest, register, roll, recording, novel, book, diary, lexicon, dictionary, annual, notebook, store, collection, count, log, waybill, documentation, index, total, budget, workbook, blank-book, check, detail, bill, catalog, digest, enumeration, tabulate, treasury, record, score, ledger, sum, journal, logbook, list, scroll, census, cash book, itemization, album, table, chronicle, annals, repertory, history, recount, tally.
Other synonyms:
preparation, agreement, Jewish calendar, biannual, timeline, conspiracy, c., atlas, blacklist, strategy, hot list, planning, b., appointment book, blotter, audio book, formula, Chinese calendar, bestseller, B.C., tactic, baby book, anthology, Julian calendar, blue book, lineup, timetable, plan, blueprint, plot, B.C.E., glossary, ecclesiastical calendar, agenda, almanac, planned, program, address book, order of the day, bibliography, academic year, 00s, Muslim calendar, checklist, blook, datebook, ordo, arrangements, Hindu calendar, A.D., French Revolutionary calendar, bible, Hebrew calendar, system of reckoning Gregorian calendar, hit list, menology, time, authority, perpetual calendar, church calendar.
Examples of usage:
  1. Please stay where you are, Calendar.... - "The Black Bag", Louis Joseph Vance.
  2. She calls Bill every name on der calendar, but when it comes ter any one else saying a word about him, she won't stand fer it. - "Jimmie Moore of Bucktown", Melvin Earnest Trotter.
  3. But in the name of all the saints in the calendar let forget there are such things as Spaniards at the English Court just now. us - "The Tangled Skein", Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy.

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